The fourth and penultimate episode of King's Quest: Adventures of Graham.


Graham continues his stories to his granddaughter Gwendolyn. Graham tells a story from his later years (50s), long after his twin children Rosella and Alexander had been born.

King's Quest is approaching its final chapters, but there are still plenty of adventures, surprises and puns to be had,” said Matt Korba, president and creative director of The Odd Gentlemen. “Today we are incredibly excited to announce that players will be able to experience the last two chapters and bonus epilogue of King Graham's journey before the holidays.

King’s Quest - Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home opens on the fateful night when King Graham and Queen Valanice’s infant child Alexander was stolen from them. When Alexander mysteriously returns home 18 years later, however, Graham must decide how to reconnect with the boy he’s spent a lifetime searching for. And as father and son work together to solve the towering challenges of the puzzling Ice Palace, questions linger about just what happened all those years ago.

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This chapter's major influences are primarily the The Snow Queen. However the Queen and Kai are merged into one character. Manny can be more or less seen as the 'troll/hobgoblin/goblin/devil' character. But the story is again fractured fairy tale and most of the details and situations are changed from the original story.

  • Secondary influences is legends of the Riddles of the Sphinx from mythology which Manny holds the form of for most of the story. Again mixed with the 'goblin/devil' style character form Snow Queen. The Ice Labyrinth itself is also a nod to Minotaur's labyrinth of Crete.
  • The game has even more references to previous and later King's Quest games. KQ3 story has been completely reimagined but some of the original stories influence from Wizard/Apprentice style fairy tales still remains, and is even reinforced (see Alexander behind the scenes). There are other minor fairy tale and pop culture references as well.
  • Icebella's thing with wolves introduced in previous chapter too in some form... might still be a nod to the White Witch/White Queen/Witch Queen/Jadis from Narnia books, as it was in the original series.


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