King's Quest: Quest for the Crown is a version of King's Quest I for the Sega Master System designed by Roberta Williams and Sierra On-Line, Inc, by Microsmiths, Inc. and published by Parker Brothers. It is built on an original engine with its own original graphics (and re-written script), and has an verb/noun interface similar to early Lucasarts adventure games rather than typing. Games are saved through a password system.


There's plenty of action, adventure and danger in this animated video game based on one of the best-selling computer games...

In days of old, you and the gallant Sir Graham must rescue King Edward and his beleaguered kingdom of Daventry. Your mission: To travel to the kingdom, unearthing clues and challenging adversaries to locate the King's Magic Mirror, Protective Shield, and Chest of Gold.

Your knowledge and skills to make the right choices and solve the riddles, while defying ogres and others along the way. But keep Sir Graham away from many pitfalls or he'll die--and you'll lose the game!

There's endless challenge and entertainment in your battle to inherit the kingdom of Daventry!


Behind the scenesEdit

The game menu calls the game simply "King's Quest" much like the original AGI version of the game.

The map is somewhat reduced from the PC versions of the game. The Goat Pen (aka the Corral in this game), is contained within a single screen. The other screen is replaced with "lovely forest" screen (between the corral and the Ancient Well).

The boulder where the dagger is found rolls the opposite direction than it does in other versions of the game.

You can fall into the hole where the dagger is found and die.

Apparently you must have at least the fiddle to get the two treasures from the Hall of the Leprechaun King. You cannot pick them up with just the 4 Leafer. Unlike the other two games, the king doesn't leave after you make his entourage dance out of the room. He remains on his throne, but allows you to get the treasures.

The cave out of the Land of the Leprechauns has a dangerous staircase not found in the other versions of the game.

The old gnome will hand the key to you directly instead of you having to pick it up.

The Giant can kill you even with the shield.

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