Gwennie's brother
The Kavanagh lad was a poor foolhardy lad from Daventry town.


He was Gwennie's brother, and the son of Mr. Kavanagh. He had found the secret entrance into the Mausoleum in Daventry town cemetery and entered the portal to Dimension of Death in the order to avoid the the cataclysm before it hit Daventry.

His small sister, Gwennie, had followed him. However he was shot by the arrows of the skeletons that guard the Dimension of Death, and was at Death's Door. He had been searching for the Hammer of Azriel, so that he could cross the River of Death and leave to the Swamp.

Connor found his sister who sent him to look for her brother, but it was too late to save him, as he had been wounded by many arrows. The lad told Connor to find the hammer and to save his sister before he succumbed to his wounds. He never had a chance.

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Dying Man
  • Brother

Behind the scenesEdit

Unlike his sister, his name is not actually given. He is referred to as lad, or other variations essentially meaning young man, or as the brother of Gwennie.

The lad was one of the few mortal human characters that avoided the initial burst of magic from the cataclysm, he and his sister accomplished this by jumping to another dimension.

It's not exactly clear in the game how he knew to avoid the coming cataclysm (if he knew it was coming), and if not what were his other motives for entering the DOD? How did he know about the secret mechanism to open the door into the mausoleum, how he did he know about the portal, and the hammer, how he and his sister got past the Shadow Bane, or even why he was trying to reach the Swamp?

In the files he is listed as "Brother".

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