Karn Megiddo is an evil wizard.


He had summoned Kuzgu to do his bidding, and created the Sorrowing Court through pure magic power, so that he could absorb energy from inhabitants of the castle (Dunstan, the Imps, and the Kidnapped Ahi'aorina) that Kuzgu collected. While Kuzgu collected his victims to drain energy from, Karn prepared himself in a glamour manarvel, in preparation for the great spell, to become the most powerful wizard east of the great sea, and the rest of the world. When the actions of King Graham destroyed the Glamour Manarvel, Kuzgu, as well as disrupting the magic holding the Castle together, Karn acted as a kindly wizard, until all had escaped. Then he attempted to take vengeance on Graham for destroying his plans. Graham defeated him by using the Slizard, and Karn is currently stuck in Slizard form most likely losing his mind, as the animal instincts take over.[1] He is currently being held by Culatha in the Old Wood to make sure he never escapes or causes havoc again.

Behind the scenesEdit

Megiddo comes from the "Valley of Megiddo" in biblical lore which was the location for many ancient battles due to its strategic location between many nations, and is supposed to be the location for the final battle of Armageddon. The word Armageddon is derived from the word Megiddo.


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