Adventures of Graham timeline to the Reboot Canon.

The original series stories (as portrayed in the original games) are to be considered by the player as legends or fairytale events, while the new series considers itself the 'true events', though in some cases it may also be 'embellishments' by the narrator Graham, but for the most part chapters replace previous stories from the earlier King's Quest games (see Reboot Canon).

This is the timeline for the new King's Quest: The Complete Collection series universe (for timelines related to the Original Canon see timeline and OS timeline).



Divides Graham's life into 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 90s

The new series is a reimagining, somewhere between a reboot and a sequel, as well as individual story chapters that act as interquels (Sierra itself has referred to it as a reboot). It is not King's Quest IX. It acts more as a retelling of the entire King's Quest history and universe (it is not part of the original 'canon', but elements of the original games are part of this,series canon in some form, and the original 'stories' themselves are essentially 'fairy tales/legends/tall tales' in this universe). This wiki calls this separate universe the Reboot Canon.

Because of this, there are many changes and differences in this timeline compared to the previous material, that it is not compatible with any of the classic timelines from previous games or the The King's Quest Companion (in particular it deviates from classic timelines with regards to Graham's age, and the history of where he originates from, and the events of KQ1, KQ2, and even elements of KQ3, KQ4, and KQ5). It instead represents an alternative timeline and universe. For more information, see TOG universe.

This timeline and universe has its own rules, mechanics and features unique concepts, which are consistent to this new universe (but different than the old universe). It is quite a bit more whimsical and silly compared to sometimes 'serious' tone that the original series took, with reimagined characters having a wide range of different emotions and personality.

So far stories that have been modified from their original details include KQ1, KQ2, Manannan's backstory from KQ3 (there is only a single 18 year period in which Manannan kidnapped children. Alexander was only one of several babies Manny kidnapped and trained to use magic in that period, as opposed to banning him from using magic), backstories to villains (including Manannan, Mordack, and Hagatha)' and the backstory for Icebella. The 'destruction of Daventry by a Three-headed dragon (KQGS) did not occur in this universe, nor was there a need to rescue Rosella from it (the hat is not passed, and Graham's 'heart attack' does not occur at this time, but may occur later in the timeline). The 'cat cookie spell' is less powerful in this universe, and Manannan has ways of overcoming it at least for short periods of time.

However, while their are general ideas from the previous games which are considered canon to this series, there are many changes to events and details compared to how they were established in the previous series (manuals, guides, novels, etc). Thus making it an alternate universe, and giving it its own unique canon. The new stories exist mostly between versions of older stories, but some material from the chapters retells some of the original series stories in and original ways.

Elements of KQ5 look to be reimagined in both Chapter 3' and Chapter 4. The geography of the world appears to have been completely reimagined as well, and how that influences individual stories is not completely known (but for example has added to the many ways the Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb story differs from the original King's Quest II: Romancing The Throne story).

In conclusion, Chapter 1 replaces elements of KQ1, Chapter 3 replaces KQ2, Chapter 4 replaces KQ3 (and changes details of start of KQ4), and all chapters more or less replace and ignore the introduction stories from original KQ1-4 manuals.

Note: This article remains somewhat speculative in nature, based on concept art, promotional material, quotes from preview articles, some of the cut material (see KQGS development), and information from the new series. It includes what is known up to the final chapter.

Timeline detailsEdit

Before CoronationEdit

c. 78 BGC

Muriel is born.

Graham's father was a knight, his grandfather was a knight. His great-grandfather was a dentist, but his great-great-grandfather was a knight.[1]They protected the crowns of many lands.

Unknown date

The Queen of Daventry dies, and Daventry begins to go into a slow decline.

Note: Daventry remains relatively peaceful during this time line, other than wedzel wolf problems, financial issues, bee problems, goblins stealing things, the occasional guard being eaten by the dragon and the moat monster, and a feud between the Troll Guild and the Royal Guards, and the stolen mirror in Edward's later years (Graham fixes most of these problems in Chapter 1). There is no indication that it was ever in any Border wars.[2]

20 BGC

Graham is born.

14 BGC
Mordon matures with the goblins, and as a youth becomes their whipping boy, while at nearly the same time they take a young goblin child Manny to raise as their own (keeping him out of sight, as he grows up).

The villain Manny begins plotting in Daventry.

Last years tournament
Hobblepots receive their delivery (every eight months)

Graham in Ch1.


Graham then...

The Magic Mirror is stolen by Goblins (exact date is unknown but could have been a few years before, though there is a recent wanted poster about it up on a bulletin board).
Graham's (in his teens) origin and arrival in Daventry during autumn, the young squire comes to Daventry from Llewdor[3] having recently graduated from the Knight School (KQGS), the academy. He has traveled to Daventry to take part in the yearly Knight Tournament.[4] He has only been Daventry for a short time, and the kingdom is new to him (he has only read about it from travel books).[5]
Graham enters tournament on a Monday, to become a knight in Daventry, and earn a position to compete for the position of new King. He collects or creates a hideous eye to enlist in the tournament, and then proceeds to win the Duel of Strength, Duel of Speed, and Championship Duel of Wits. He defeats Manny either by his own abilities, or through cheating, and uncovers the evil ambition of the tiny knight initiate before its too late. (Chapter I).
Since helped the resolve the bridge strike, supplies could be delivered to shops again. Business started to pick up. The wedzel wolves stopped harassing the town and migrated north. Even the guards marched with a little more caution in their step, and Daventry more or less went back to peace for a time. And Graham may or may not have earned his Wedzel Wolf Patch, or became Amaya's apprentice..
Graham's first job as a knight is to plant a tree and a spiniforous thorn plants which will have important impact for the future once he becomes king.
Waddles retires from the Daventry Troll Bridge Guild.
Unknown Dates
Manny uses How to Tame a Dragon which he received from Hagatha to capture Hornswaggle the Well Dragon, to guard over the Forest Well caves. Manny puts the Magic Mirror there under the Dragon's guard. Hagatha's contraption is used to keep the dragon fed.
The Magic Bowl, Magic Shield and Magic Chest are stolen. Technically it might have only been the Bowl, and some other unknown treasures, the shield and chest may have been discovered by Graham in later adventures (between Chapter 2 Prologue, and Chapter 4).

Over the years Graham went on many quests as knight of Daventry to recover stolen treasures from the kingdom.[6]

During one of his quests he is sent to find a Magic Chest (KQGS). Graham found help from his fairy godmother[7]. During the quest Graham solved an 'impossible riddle', was given a Magical Bean, then climbed a giant beanstalk that sprouted from it. He stole the Magic Chest from a sleeping giant. 

During another quest he was sent to find a stolen Magic Shield. He played a jig for some leprechauns, and recovers the Magic Shield. He also recovered a Magic Bowl (a fourth magic treasure of Daventry) (the order he finds these treasures is unknown).

Note: In KQ1 the bowl actually was given away so that he could earn the fiddle from the Woodcutter and his wife. So it can be assumed Graham bought the fiddle instead in this universe.

Graham's CoronationEdit

1 GC

Graham in his 20s


Graham in CH2

Edward orders Graham (in his 20s[8]) on his final mission and quest to find the stolen Magic Mirror, and is told he will become the next king if he finds it.
Searching all over Daventry, finally entering the last place he had to look, he entered the Forest Well and into the Bed Cave to complete Edward's task to 'find the magic mirror' (barely escaping the dragon Hornswaggle inside), he exits the caves via the way he entered, and receives the Crown of Daventry and his crowned king (Chapter I prologue, inspired by KQ1).
Graham, returns to where he planted the tree and helps the vine to grow on a trellis.
Graham agrees to celebrate Ice Cream for Breakfast Day for the first time.
2 GC

Number Three enlists and joins the Royal Guard.

Some time later in the fall, Graham has found his time and experiences as king frustrating and finds he has no time to go on adventures anymore.

One day, on a Wednesday, Graham chooses to take some time off from the stress of a very busy day of passing laws, and tired off losing control of his unruly guards who continue badger him, he chooses to take a walk in the rainy weather. He speaks with Olfie who gives him a ride to the town.

As he enters the town, Goblins are influenced by a story adaptation of the pied piper written by Manny to manipulate them, they kidnapped everyone in Daventry. A newly crowned Graham is also kidnapped, and is forced into a new adventure as his first test as a new king to save them. Graham confronts the Goblin King, and wins the freedom of his subjects. They escape the caves, and return to their homes, Graham to his castle.

Mordon is abandoned, but escapes the Goblin Caves, but is found by Manny who offers to be his friend, furthering the goals of the secret villain plotting behind the scenes.

Note:Chapter 2 begins five years after chapter 1 (looks to be in the "fall" as well) this would place it roughly around the same season of Chapter 1's prologue though not necessarily the same year.
How much time occurs between ch1 prologue and chapter 2 is not directly clear (but must occur between 4-5 years after CH 1 story, when Graham was in his 20s). The most specific references to time deals with the kings 'appeals'/decrees/policies for the holiday known as Ice Cream for Breakfast this year which is a reference to decisions he made about the same holiday last year, Chester confirms that Graham has 'appealed' the Ice cream day in the past which confirms it had to have been Graham in charge of the kingdom the previous year.[9] So this means that there had to have been at least one year between KQC1's prologue and Chapter 2.
Another important detail is that enough time passed that Royal Guard #3 joined the Royal Guard recently (likely via another knight tournament, which occur in the fall) but had never known Edward, so it had to have been after the Edward died, and Graham became king, However RG3 is already experienced enough in her position to be requesting proclamations, passing laws and celebrations for the kingdom, and apparently holding the 3rd leadership position in the military after 1st and 2nd. But she has not had the chance to formerly introduce herself to the king It would seem that she most likely had to have been working their at least a few months before chapter 2. At the same time Graham seems frustrated and overwhelmed by the number of addendums he is forced to pass without any time for adventuring. So it can be assumed that Chapter 2 can have occurred no more than a year after Chapter 1 prologue. Mathematically however if Graham is at least 30 in Chapter 3, and 8 years after Ch 2, that would place chapter 2 when Graham was roughly age 21-22 (ch 1 prologue had to have occurred at least age 20).
Finally it is unknown how much time passed the towns people were in the caves, but seems to be probably been more than a few weeks.

Bramble's child, the little Taylor Fey Fey is born in fall or early winter.

Note: This takes place at least 2 GC, but Probably not later (Wente said said Bramble was expecting which means having a birth soon).


Graham in his 30s


Graham in CH3

10 GC
The complicated story of how Graham (in his 30s) met and rescued his future bride from the wicked witch Hagatha's Tower while adventuring in the Enchanted Isles (Kolyma) and as well as Daventry, Tanalore, and Avalon. What occurred after he met her, as how his young love with Valanice developed leading to his marriage (Chapter 3: Once Upon A Climb).

Graham accidently ends up in Manny's cave bedroom, and overhears some of the plans of Manny and Mordon before escaping. The villains continues to plot further the destruction of Daventry

One of the two Valanices is transformed into Icebella (KQGS) by a shard of ice from a Frost Tonic potion.
Note:This game is inspired mostly by King's Quest II, and is largely a retelling of the story, replacing the original.
The moat monster (KQGS) retires after being trained by Graham in recent years.
Manny transforms into Manannan using Cosmolotion.
12 GC
The Twins are born. Roughly when Alexander was kidnapped by Manannan not long after his birth and at least 2 guards are killed trying to stop him (Chapter 4 Intro). Manannan starts training and teaching Alexander about magic over the years and makes him his slave possibly among others.

Note: The twins could have been born anywhere between 12 GC and 18 GC (but this will affect the age of twins in 'present' period pushing them into their late 50s rather than early 50s at the time of 'present' sequences)

15 GC
Amaya gives Rosella a magical Sword of Fire when she is three.
Rosella used to alphabetize the addendums for Graham.

Note: This could have occurred when Graham was in his 40s if the twins were born in Graham's late 30s.

20 GC

Daventry was relatively peaceful during this period, Graham never gave up searching for his son Alexander, but was often swamped by his duties in the kingdom. He also went on many adventures with his daughter Rosella during this period when he could. Rosella even started going on adventures of her own (according to Chapter 4).

Note: This version of Graham does not appear in the game, was this a cut chapter idea, or will Graham appear with this appearance in a future season?


Graham in CH4


Graham in his 50s

30 GC
Taylor Fey now an adult moves to Serenia, where he opens a Garment shop.
Alexander (18) returns from Llewdor enters the castle to discover the kingdom is buried in paperwork and laws. Graham (about 50) decides to go on a family outing to learn about his son.
Graham travels back to Avalon (KQGS) or Tanalore (KQGS)  where he encounters Icebella (KQGS) his latest threat.
Icebella is killed by Manannan now in the form of a Spinx, and the family escapes the Ice Palace (KQGS).
The Manannan and Mordon further plots further the destruction of Daventry (Chapter IV). Mordon takes on the name Mordack, vowing vengeance.
An Ice Guard takes the dead Icebella's crown and crowns herself the new Icebella (who will become Queen of the Eastern mountains near Serenia).
Kidnapping occurred 18 years before (roughly when Graham was in his 30s)?
Note: Manannan as the old wizard only had one era in which to kidnap children in this timeline, that is Alexander's kidnapping (but he also kidnaps dozens of other chldren at the same time, raising them in his 'mansion' in Llewdor, Mordon is considered one of these slaves as well, although he was with Manny before he took his new form). The events of KQ4 do not yet appear to have happened as of yet, although they are implied by a tapestry in Gwendolyn's room (which show Rosella on a horse in Tamir). Details from KQ 3-4 (and some of KQ5) kinda get mish-mashed in this chapter. This chapter replaces elements of KQ3-4 (no Three-headed dragon (KQGS), but Rosella's trip to Tamir may take later in the timeline, see tapestry in Gwendolyn's room).
Graham is more likely to be in his late 50s at this point (due to an age issue with Alexander being in his '50s' in present).
Unknown Dates (30-50 GC?)


50 GC
KQ8 (Connor's adventure, if old Graham 'present' is 20 years after KQ8, then he would have been in his 70s in KQ8)
KQ9 (hypothetical Chronicle of Daventry which takes place before framing story of King's Quest Chapters). But could take place after the series, or as early as a decade earlier.[10]

Graham (Chapter 5)


Graham in Old age (age 90s).

New disaster befalls Daventry, forcing Graham to take up his adventurer's cap once again. Wearing armor, he is nearly attacked by a dragon (note there is no context to this event, and it does not occur in chapter 5, although there are clues that it might have occurred at some point in the middle Chapter 5).[11]

The villains Mordack and Manannan who have been silently behind the scenes of all the stories Graham has been telling his granddaughter Gwendolyn is finally revealed for the last time. Graham (now 77, but as old as 86) tells the story of how they defeated the villains (Chapter V).

Mordack redeems himself in an attempt to stop Manny, and saves the king. They walk off together as friends.

Note: Graham's mind is extremely deteriorated while he tells the story, and many details are 'off', and even memories that are missing. So complete reliability of events are unknown and its bound to have many missing pieces or exaggerated details. Certain aspects suffer from the 'time travel' paradox style story telling in Chapter 3's intro. One can assume that in 'reality' all three memorials were probably built, and not just one of them.

Anything from the moment Gwendolyn starts telling the story is entirely 'unreliable' as she mentions she has never heard the story, and is making it up as she goes. However, she may have had help from the magic mirror to show her the essence of what really happened.

KQ6/7/8's events might take place after Chapter 5 (there is no direct evidence within the main story itself that they occured before, with the exception of a reference to a sorcery battled with winged ones, and its unclear, when or in what context that story was in).

60 GC

Gwendolyn and Gart are born?

Note: They appear to be in their early teens at the most, and possibly younger. Gart does seem to be older than Gwendolyn (but nothing specifically confirms who is the oldest, and they could be of similar age).

70 GC

Some 20 years after KQ8.

Gwendolyn visits Daventry from the Green Isles, with her parents. Alexander is age 50s.[12]

Graham tells stories to Gwendolyn the daughter of Alexander and Cassima. Gart the son of Rosella and Edgar challenges Rosella to a fencing dual. Graham breaks his arm.

Gwendolyn faces her fear of rats.

Gwendolyn and Graham help celebrate Valanice's birthday.

Graham's health finally deteriorates.



  • 10s (Teens)
Approximately 5 years (though technically more like 4 years) before Prologue in the fall (or late summer?)(Tournament/Chapter III prologue)[13]
  • 20s
Several years after Tournament in fall (Prologue/replaces KQ1 events)
Five years after Chapter I in fall/rainy season, and approximately one year after KQC1 prologue (Chapter II/Chapter III prologue)[14]
  • 30s
Spring (Chapter III prologue/Chapter III/replaces KQ2)
(Chapter IV prologue)
  • 40s
  • 50s
Winter (Chapter IV/replaces KQ3/KQ4 events)
  • 60s
KQ5 (however, perhaps within 2 years of Chapter 4's story (see Rosella & Alexander's age below))
  • 70s
AGI time period (Chapter 5 EGA memory/vision, this may be pre KQ6, as Alexander seems to still be living in the castle, it may also be simultaneous to the period in Chapter 5, the references to Manny being to the current crisis with Manny, which would place KQ6/KQ7 after Chapter 5)
KQ9 (Hypothetical sequel to KQ8 separate from this new series, could be after Chapter 5, but would be set in its own universe)
  • 77-86
Summer, Chapter 5 (any point between 70s and 90s, more specifically between 77 and 86[16]
  • 87-96 Grahams back problems from a decade before finally heals.
  • 90s
Magic Mirror prophecy in KQC2 (see model file names Graham90sAdv).
KQ49 (joke entry)
Present in summer according to preview information (or autumn according to a get well card seen in the game), twenty years passed since KQ8 (Framing Story/Epilogue)

Note: Graham's old age years is listed as ? in concept artwork this is because they cover a range of years from at least his 70s-90s (90s coming from his file names). It is unclear if KQ8 is before or after chapter 5. Due to math related to Taylor Fey's birthdate and other other references given in chapter 2 (making Graham a king for at least 1 year): Graham would roughly 17 in chapter 1, be 21 in chapter 1 prologue, 22 in chapter 2, 30 in chapter 3, have to be about 50 in chapter 4. However the time of the year for Grahams birthday in this timeline is unknown. He is between 77 and 86 in chapter 5.


  • 30s - Events of Chapter 3.
  • 50s - Valanice file name is listed as 50s in chapter 4, this suggests Graham and Valanice are around the same age.[17]
  • 90s - Valanice in the present.

Note: Valanice's birthday is in the summer or autumn (see get well card).

Rosella & Alexander Edit

  • 3 - Rosella receives a Sword of Fire from Amaya.
  • 18 - Alexander returns home and finds Rosella, Graham, and Valanice at the castle (the age when Alexander was kidnapped is not known, but he appears less than 1). However the bulk of the story appears to take place at this age as well, as Alexander is twice described as a teenager by Graham in the Ice Palace. Alexander even confirms he is 18.[18] Note: He is eighteen in this universe, but was 'Seventeen' in the original series when he returned home.
  • 20s - When Graham and Valanice are in their "50s", Rosella & Akexander were in their 20s? The models used are listed as 20s. However, this maybe the case that the models have their age rounded up from eighteen, and with possible future use in sequel series chapters when they would be in their twenties.[19] Maybe this relates to KQ4 era?
  • 30s
AGI flashback period (rough guestimate)
  • 37-46 - Chapter 5 (rough estimate)
  • 50s - In the present Alexander & Rosella are in their 50s.[20]

Taylor FeyEdit

  • Unborn - Bramble may be a few months pregnant however (Chapter 2 can occur no more than 9 months before his birth, however).
  • 8 - In Chapter 3
  • 29 - Chapter 4 (8 + about 21 years)

Mordon and MannyEdit

  • 10s - Mordon starts becoming whipping boy for the goblins (upon reaching approximately his '14th' birthday)
  • 20s - Rough age around the time of Chapter 1 when Manny was a young knight(roughly 24-25)
  • 30s - Chapter 2 (16 years of being a whipping boy he escapes)
  • 40s - Chapter 3
  • 60s - Chapter 4
  • 90s - Chapter 5[21]

Note: There are probably some 'estimations' going on either in Manny and Mordon's comments in Chapter 5, as well as the file names. But as no age is specific its not clear, what. As there is only about a ten (to 19) year difference between Chapter 3 and 2, one would actually make Mordon approximately 21-30 in Chapter 2, but this doesn't fit with him saying he was enslaved for 16 years (this probably started once he was mature enough to start doing chores, as it doesn't specify he was exactly 16 at end of Chapter 2). It's not clear when what age Mordon was when he was swapped, but it can be assumed it was when he was a young baby. Pictures of him only show him when was a small child. It's not 100% clear if Mordon and Manny are the same age (but can be presumed). If anything this indicates that Mordon, Manny, and Graham are likely all roughly the same age give or take a few years (maybe a decade or two apart at the most, 6-22 years or so).


  • 386 - Chapter 5


Any of these 'age spans' could be 'rounded' either up or either down. That is to day like Alexander at age 18 being rounded up to his 20s. This may be going on with other references to time as well. Assuming that for it to be rounded up it has to be within 5 years, but less than the earliest date in the 'time span', to be rounded down it has to be within 4 years, greater than the lowest date in the 'time span'. For example if someone was "14" they would have to have to round down to "10s", and someone who is '15' could conceivably round up to '20s'. As there are very few specifics its not known how 'literal' some dates are, and which maybe simply estimations. But assuming to 'round' too much could end up forcing the dates greater or extremely less than the targeted 'time spans' if all information is added together (this timeline chooses to take an approach that remains as close to the 'targeted' time spans as possible).

The developers state in the first chapter the prologue is set five years after the main story in an adventure gamers article. Also a blog post/press release states that Chapter 2 is set five years after Chapter 1. However, at least in first reference this must be an approximation. Because details related to Ice Cream for Breakfast Day in Chapter 2 suggests that there is at least a year between when Graham became King, and Chapter 2 due to the knights and Chester mentioning that Graham had appealed Ice Cream for Breakfast day the previous year. Guard #3 also mentions she has been hired recently and never met King Edward (while its not clear when she was 'hired exactly', she only formally introduces herself to Graham during the story).

18 years pass between the moment the twins are kidnapped to the point Alexander returns. Rosella is not sacrificed to a Dragon in this universe (at least not at the time of Chapter 4). Chapter 4 appears to be a little like a retelling of KQ3 and KQ5 merged together. Family is kidnapped and put in the Ice Tower, and Graham has to rescue them (but with Alexander's help).

Its unclear when Alexander and Rosella were born in relation to Chapter 3, but it is confirmed that they are twins. Chapter 4's prologue doesn't appear to take very long after Chapter 3 as far as Graham's model shows (at least his face is similar to his previous model, though he wears a different costume).

Note: The reimagined universe reinterprets much of the timeline. It is not the same as the specific timeline related details given in the original KQ games, manuals, and Companion, and other guides. Much of that material has no significance to this universe (or are simply regulated to being 'tall tales'). The introduction stories for King's Quest 1-4, possibly 5-6 have no importance, nor are they compatible.

Behind the scenesEdit

One can currently figure out Graham's age in relation to the concept art via the chapter select screens in game, as well as file names, and a few in game age references given in relation to each story. This series seem to cover a period of roughly of when Graham was 16 or 17 all the way until he is in his 90s.

Graham's age range is listed in his graphic files in the game. In Chapter 1, the youngest Graham is listed as being in his 10s (16 or 17), prologue graham is in his 20s (possibly 21-22), and old Graham in 90s. In Chapter 2, the crowned graham is listed as being in his 20s (probably 22-23), chapter 3's Graham is listed in his 30s (probably 30-31), Chapter 4's graham is listed in his 50s (roughly 50-51), the old adventuring graham (as seen the mirror) and listed as '?' in the artwork, is listed as in his 90s (but this maybe an estimated range between 70s to 90s), but his appearance corresponds to that of the Old Graham telling the story (also listed as 90s in the files). However, these dates may be 'estimations' rather than hard set numbers, and they certainly do not give exact age.

The 40s period from the concept art maybe set in the period between KQ2 and KQ3. However, there is no chapter covering those events or showing Graham with that appearance. There is no image of him his 40s in the chapter select screens or within the chapters themselves, it appears this material was cut out completely.

Note: In the Original timeline (and individual games which its based on KQ1-3), assuming Graham was 19 at the time of KQ1 as its stated in sources by Lorelei Shannon, he would be 39 at the time of KQ3/4 (or just short of the 40s and at the end of the 30s). Whereas in the Anniversary timeline (and its variants its based on KQ6-7 material) Graham was 19 at the time of KQ1 as its stated in sources by Lorelei Shannon, he would be 42 at the time of KQ3/4. He about a decade older, and is in his 50s in the "Reboot Canon".


Seasons as a strict sense of 'time' are unreliable, since they are essentially being used in the game for symbolic purposes, and sort of reflecting the state of the kingdom, and emotions of the king, and are 'out of order'.

Graham's tree in the town itself for example is in a state of 'spring' (reflecting new life, a new zeal to fix things), when everything around him is in autumn or rainy season. The tree loses its buds after Graham loses his son, and the kingdom goes into a 'state of winter' reflecting the story being told. Chapter 3 story goes through the two stages of autumn (dying), and greyness of denial of his kingship, to finally accepting and moving on and turning the kingdom around.

Finally while things might look like 'fall' they might actually be 'summer' as occurs in Chapter 5. Even the present is said to be 'summer' in some concept material, and yet get well card suggests its in 'autumn'. At the least it can be assumed to be late summer, early fall.

For more information see Seasons (KQGS).

Reboot Series Chapter NotesEdit

Present NotesEdit

Gart and Gwen's births. It would seem that Gart and Gwen would have had to have been born less than 15 years before Graham's 'present' or so. Perhaps when he was in his late 70s or mid 80s. Secondly it seems that Graham likely had his twin children (Alexander and Rosella) when he was in his late 30s or during his 40s in this timeline. This means that both cousins would have been born when Rosella and Alexander were about their 30 or 40s.

In the original timelines the twins were born when Graham was in his early twenties or roughly 21-25 (depending on the source) So the new Reboot timeline shifts the birth almost a decade ahead.

Graham was in his early to mid twenties in the earlier published material at the time of KQ2, and KQ2 only occurred a year or two after KQ1 This timeline places the marriage about ten years after KQ1.

Note: Artwork for KQ1 appears to portray Graham as older 25-30 as a knight, but his age is not specified or confirmed...

Taskia appears to be roughly the same age as Gwendolyn... But this is problematic to the overall timeline see below KQC6 notes.

KQC1 notesEdit

Chapter 1 is said to be Graham's origin story, how he became a knight. Graham is not a citizen of Daventry, and is possibly from Llewdor (the Activision story FAQ for the game does state he is from Llewdor when discussing Waddles). He came to Daventry to take part in a tournament (it ignores the backstory given in KQ1SCI and other original KQ material). The kingdom of Sorrow novel did state that he had traveled much in his youth (for alternate story see Graham (novels)), even to much larger lands.

Note: much is clear that in the original series that he was a native of Daventry and had grown up there most of his life (his father, and Grandfather were knights of Daventry), and he studied in the various schools of Daventry, Palace School, spent years training Daventry's army, and Royal University (King's Quest Companion), as well as Daventry High School in his youth (see KQ1 remake), and Knight School (Hoyle I). Knight School does get a reference in the reimagined game in two chapters (but its location seems to have been moved outside of Daventry). He also was a veteran of several wars towards the end of King Edward's reign and a knight of a few to several years (the sources ae never specific).

The reboot universe places the events of KQ1 Graham when he was in his 20s, rather than when he is 19. But the exact time of the year of his birthday is not clear, and he is only a knight a few years (4-5 at the most).

In the original series, he was said to have just turned 19. Graham's 19th birthday was in the early spring (only a few days before the start of KQ1[22][23]

Incidentally, if Graham was 19 in the prologue, he would be about 14 in CH1 in the Teen years (but as mentioned this goes against the dates given in the game files or the concept art which states that he was in his 20s). This is assuming that the 20s dates are not just an estimation.

Beyond that the main difference between Graham 10s and in his 20s is that he has stubble on his beard in his 20s, and is wearing some leather armor.

Note: There is no in-game source that mentions an exact amount of time that passed between Chapter 1's story and the CH1 prologue, and only one interview that suggests 5 years passed. But with later chapters, it seems more likely that 4 or fewer years occurred between those stories. However Graham went on least 3-4 separate and consecutive quests over the years (including his final quest for the mirror) as a Knight under Edward (in which he recovered 3-4 or more 'stolen treasures' for Graham over those years).[24]

Then; is set during Graham's 10s to teen years (between 10-19), however its stated that KQC2 is set 5 years after chapter 1 (this would set Ch1 when he was at least 15 and late as 19, and chapter between 20 and 29) .

Some second hand rumors suggest in Chapter 1 that he is between 14 and 16 (apparently based on comments by Matt Korba[25] though this is not confirmed, no one has linked to his original quotes). 14 does not seem to work, as he would be 19 in the prologue, but the files and concept art are clear that he is in his 20s in those scenes (assuming it isn't an approximation, see Alex/Rosella in Chapter 4 being 18 but listed as 20s in the files).

The prequel story is said to take place 5 years before KQ1 (prologue).[26] However some comments in Chapter 2 which is also said to be 5 years after chapter 1 would place the chapter 2 about. 1 year into his kingship. This would make him around 20 or 21 in the KQ1 inspired prologue sequence (and thus older than he was in the original game timelines, when he was said to have been 19). Taylor Feys given age in Chapter 3 (age 8) gives room to work with Grahams age range to figure out his own age in relation to each episode, and appears to correspond with Graham being 21 in chapter 2 and 16 or 17 in chapter 1, and at least 30 or 31 in chapter 3. Though exact period or season of his birthdate in the year is unknown.

KQC2 notesEdit

In Chapter II, Graham is in his "20s" as he was in Chapter 1 prologue. Chapter 2 said to take place five years after Chapter 1 (and calls him a 'newly crowned king') in an early blog announcment.1[27]. The press release uses terms such as "first days as king", and that its his first test as ruler of the kingdom.[28]

However, its unclear if the information in the prologue was meant to be 5 years after the teen years, or five years after the prologue. Depending where it is set he could be anywhere between 20-29. If he was 21 in the prologue for example and it was five years after he would be roughly 25-26 in Chapter 2. If it was five years after the main CH1 story he would be roughly 21-22.

However, going by in game comments where characters suggest KQ1 events occurred very recently (probably not more than a year or two at the most), and some of the press information describes this story as his first adventure as king. However, this may just mean he has been very busy with law making, and never given a chance or a breather to do anything else. It's not something he has any confidence or true experience about, since he is an adventurer at heart.

The main detail that indicates at least a year passed between Graham becoming a king, and when Chapter 2 takes place involves the details around the guards asking Graham about his choice for the Ice Cream for Breakfast Day that year, and Chester indicates he keeps changing the policies for that day, which suggests that Graham has decided on that day at least twice, and the guards and Graham's own comments would indicate that the previous time it was changed under him was 'last year'.

Finally, based on information related to Chapter 3, if Graham is at least 30 in that game, he would have to be 22 in Chapter 2, and that also mathematically places Chapter 2's events about a year after he became king. See below.

If anything all this indicates is that most of dates and information given in the press releases must indicate that at some level that any dates given either in press information, ingame, and even file names may all just be 'estimations', and there is no real way to know how exact any referenced might be.

The prologue for Chapter 2 shows Graham being chased by Hornswaggle (who is ether still chained up or free, depending on the characters choices in Chapter 1). This looks like its forshadowing Chapter 5's period of time, but Hornswaggle never actually appears in Chapter 5. Though there are 'random fires' throughout Daventry that seem to be suggestive of dragon flame, its never explained. As if part of the story was cut. Instead Graham feints at the end of the sequence, and goes into a bunch of fractured memories (referencing unused/cut material from his stories) before he returns to his story at some point later.

In Chapter 2, Muriel mentions that she is older than 78-years old. Chester makes a comment in reply that seems to suggest that a calendar year of '78 has passed. This might suggest that the story takes place in a period sometime after 1878 for example (assuming based on the founding of Modesto), but less likely to be 1978. The reference to Labor Day in chapter 1 could place it post 1886 (post the date when it was founded). Otherwise these mark Anachronisms which the series is known for.

Chapter 2 mentions that Pillare applied for the kingship some seventeen times. The conversation may suggest that the application could take place once per year. Graham mentions he was born at the right time to be accepted for the position, he felt like he was just lucky.

KQC3 notesEdit

Chapter 3 is set in his 30s. It has Graham marrying his Valanice almost a decade after becoming a king. This is a major change from the original timelines in which Graham was married to Valanice somewhere within 1 to only a few years after the events of KQ1.

Chapter 3 also confirms that Feys son is 8 at the time of chapter 3. This would make it around 8 to 9 years after chapter 2, depending on how many months before Taylor was bor (Wente suggests she was 'expecting' which would suggest it was soon however). This does require some reinterpretation of Graham's age in relation to chapter 2, and chapter 1. If Graham is at least 30 in chapter 3 he would have to be roughly 21-22 in chapter 2. If chapter 1 takes place 5 years before chapter 2 that would make Graham roughly 16-17 in chapter 1. Graham could be no older than 19 in chapter 1 main story to be in his teens, but that would make him roughly 24 in chapter 2, and 32 or 33 in chapter 3.

In addition we learn that Mordon was in the goblins lair for 16 years before he escaped, this would allow us to roughly work out his age and time he started to live with the Goblin King as well. It would also suggest to us a rough age for Manannan as well.

One line adds some confusion as to placement of this chapter in relation to Chapter 2: "In a few short years, I had grown into the king I always wanted to become." While not specific in common speak "few" generally means 2-3 (and maybe up to 4 in a pinch) and not much more when speaking of years, which would suggest only 2-4 years since Chapter 2 events. If its been more than that 'several' would be a better choice of words if its 5-7, and many if it was reaching 8-10 years. However Taylor is said to be "eight" since chapter 2 so we can knock his use of 'few' up to imprecise hyperbole on Graham's part.

Some previews appeared to have suggested that Chapter II or a later chapter, would cover his romance with Valanice.[29] This does not appear in Chapter II, and is now known to be occur in Chapter III. In chapter 3 we now can see he has been given his 30s model (including a more buff figure). The files of ch 3 confirm he is in his thirties.

It appears that the series is set after the Baroque period.(1590-1725).

KQC4 notesEdit

The chapter's main story covers two points in time Graham still in his 30s and later in his 50s. Alexander is 18 in the later half of the story (though his files round him up to his 20s).

The 50s artwork corresponds with Graham's file name in Chapter 4, and the corresponding artwork in both the title screen and in game.

The chapter is set 3 days after Chapter 3, and the Game of WIts between Gwen and Gart in that chapter.

Another line concerning the changes to Addendum 48677 suggest that the entire series takes place less than a month.

KQC5 notesEdit

In chapter 5 Graham is a much older man anywhere between 70s and 90s. In the flashbacks it suggests he is between 70s and 90s (the file names and developmental material are listed as "90s").

90s (listed as ? on the concept art) Graham's old age is said to be 90s within the game files, and correlates with both Chapter 5 title art, Chapter 2 mirror prophecy, and Graham's present story telling. It looks like he aged a several decades, from his 50s. A gameplay discussion implies that twenty years might have passed since KQ8. This is a nod to it almost being twenty years since the last game.[30] Thus this would put KQ8 when he was in his 70s.

The date 1679 is given in Chapter 5, although context of how much time has passed since that date is not clear. It had to have occurred between end of Chapter 2 and Chapter 5. 1679 does fit into the "Baroque" period as mentioned in Chapter 3.

Graham's age is said to be between 77-86 Graham believes he is 77, and Olfie believes he is 86. The story brings up the idea of 'faulty memories'. Olfie says his age is 386. Another point Graham mentions feeling pain for the next 10 years, this would make him roughly 87-96 when that period ends.

Manannan and Manny talk about how 30 years have passed since events of KQC4 (although if this is an approximation or literal is not clear).

If accurate and not just an approximation, Graham would have been between 47-56 in Chapter 4, which would make him between 29-38 in Chapter 3, and 21-30 in chapter 2, and between 16-25 in chapter 1.

KQC6 (epilogue) notesEdit

The exact amount of time between Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 is not known but its assumed to be within the same year, probably still during the summer, or early fall.

The age of Taskia is somewhat problematic. As its highly suggested that she is the grand daughter of Achaka. However, it seems implied she is roughly the same age as Gwendolyn.

Achaka already appears to be a gifted human adult in Chapter 1. If it is normal for people to have children in their thirties or forties in this universe (see Graham's twins, and later Gart and Gwendolyn to their parents roughly). Taskia would appear to be much too young to be Achaka's grand daughter, considering the amount of years that have passed between Chapter 1 and Chapter 5, as well (roughly 60-70 years), and the present perhaps as late as 80 years later.

Assuming Achaka was roughly thirty or forty when he died (and his son/daughter was only a baby), and that Achaka's child was thirty when Taskia was born. That would only account for around 30 or 40 years of time, or roughly maybe a decade before or around Chapter 4, and roughly another 30 years pass until Chapter 5 (and another decade roughly to the present). This should make Taskia around 60-80 years old.

If she is roughly the age of Gwendolyn this would seem to go against her being the 'grand-daughter' but more likely to be great-grand daughter (or possibly even great-great grand daughter) instead. Either that or Taskia's parents had her in extreme old age.

Cut MaterialEdit

Quite a bit of material was cut throughout the series as it was produced. Many times alternate lines, or descriptions form various characters. Some of this material includes references to the original series, that would help with understanding the context of the reboot canon's history, and how reinterpretations of the original King's Quest stories fit into the new world (or were the 'exaggerations' of fairy tales). It's unfortunate that some of these lines were cut, as they were nice nods to the fans who would understand them, even if sometimes mentioned out of context within the story. Others would have helped to understand the history, society or the geography of the world.

For example, a line in Chapter 4 included a discussion of the Three-Headed Dragon from the original King's Quest story, and Graham mentioning that event never happened. Now its obvious from the story itself that that event never happened, that they went on vacation instead, and Daventry was at peace at the time. Things were relatively 'mundane', so in a way that line would have been some what redundant explanation, that might confuse new players. But on the other hand, it was a really fun reference to the old fans, which unfortunately got missed out on.

Chapter 4 had a few puzzles or lines cut in which Graham and Alexander had quite a bit more banter in, and some more KQ6 nods and references. Including to the 'cliffs of logic', and 'magic map' (both a KQ3/KQ6 reference). Which would have added more to rounding out Alexander's character, and sometimes backstory before he returned in the game. Quite a bit of stuff from Gwendolyn's POV about her father was cut as well, that would have added understanding who he had become after having a family. An extended sequence of the trip to the Ice Palace involved a stop off in "Scandia" offering some more knowledge of geography around Daventry.

Chapter 5, had some more descriptive alternate narrative for the treasure saving sequence that would have filled in more on the history of the magic chest, and magic shield, that were unfortunately cut. Another cut line in Chapter 5 made a nod back to the cut act from Chapter 2, that would have included more with Mordon, Whisper, and Acorn, and others inside the Goblin Castle, as they tried to escape. Which would have acknowledged that even those stories 'might have happened', and not simply made non-existent.

The point of this however, is while some of this stuff can possibly be considered unreliable. If it didn't appear in the game itself, perhaps in the minds of the developers those ideas no longer 'exist', or in some cases what happens in the game replaces and supplants some of the other ideas, making them 'impossible' to exist (except in the realm of 'unreliable' narrator being able to change those plot points in another story telling session, or other storytellers having different POV). However, at the same time some of this material still might help with the understanding and order of events for this timeline. For the material completely made obselete, that will be ignored (i.e. ex being alternate ending solution paths in Chapter 5 for example), but some of the material like nearby geography ("Scandia") or the explanation of the Three-Headed Dragon non-existence might still be useful to understanding this universe and its timeline. Some elements of Chapter 2's cut second act might be helpful for understanding how characters such as Hobblepots and Acorn came to interact with each other, or Amaya and Whisper started to fall in love with each other. But unfortunately its unclear how 'reliable' any of that could still be, or how 'unreliable' Graham in the universe was in his story telling if any of that material was stll 'true'.

This timeline might include elements from this cut material where minor (and further explains certain details, such as the three-headed dragon, or the extra explanations of the lost treasure 'quests'), but mostly avoids the cut material.

Original Series ReferencesEdit

AGI EGA MaterialEdit

In Chapter 3 and Chapter 5 there is material done in an 8-bit classic AGI style from KQ1-3. The first is nod to Graham from Chapter 1, and latter is Graham from Chapter 5. This latter also appears to represent one of Graham's memories at some point between the events of KQ5 and KQC5 (it may even be parallel to Chapter 5, representing his current predicament). Alexander, Queen Valanice (Vee or Neese), and Rosella are shown in 8-bit renditions, and old Graham as well. The moat monster from Chapter 1 also appears in 8-bit version.

Some of the details might place it before KQ6 however, as the twins still appear to live at the castle, and discuss ruling it in the future. There is no indication of Gart or Gwen having been born yet (or that Alexander has ended his 'adventuring' to live with his wife). How this relates to KQ7 and KQ8 is not clear.

SCI VGA MaterialEdit

Beyond a visit to the Realm of the Dead (KQGS) there are other 'spirit' realm versions of the Blacksmith Shop, Alchemy Shop, and Bakery to look like the KQ5/KQ6 vga era material. Graham is given VGA style sprites.

KQ1 referencesEdit

Elements of Chapter 1 replaces King's Quest 1.

The Forest Well scene is inspired by the scene in KQ1SCI. The bottom of the well with the door on the side might be a flipped version of the KQ1SCI screen with the entrance to the Land of the Leprechauns. This version of well events replaces and reimagines the well from KQ1 and KQ1SCI. Much of the KQ1 manual is ignored.

The Queen (Edward's wife) died before any of the treasures were lost (only the Magic Mirror is said to have been lost by Edward specifically, including a 'lost notice' that is seen in Chapter 1 and 3). Though Chapter 2 mentions other 'stolen treasures' having been recovered (which may include a magic bowl, and other minor treasures discovered in KQ1).

The Magic Mirror is focused on as being the primary stolen treasure and the last treasure Graham discovered. Chapter 2 and 3 add some more details to the events of KQ1 or later events inspired by KQ1. There is a reference to an 'impossible riddle, climbing a beanstalk is mentioned, playing a jig for leprechauns. Graham even mentions that he found the other two treasures (Shield and Chest) over his many years of adventuring. Shield and Chest play a role in Chapter 5 as well.

The Magic Bowl is referenced in Chapter 3, although in this universe Graham somehow kept it. Suggesting he must have spent a minor treasure to get the fiddle.

The goblin Manny replaces the Sorcerer/Enchanter from KQ1/2 more or less. As he is the one who enslaved the Dragon and stole the mirror (with other Goblin's help). The mirror was stolen long after the queen's death, and not before the queen's death (by the Sorcerer). It was Manny who had the mirror guarded by the dragon in in this universe.

The appearances of the Chest and Shield are more similar to their appearance in KQ1AGI.

In this universe the events of KQ1 were split into three or more separate (and consecutive) quests, rather than a single quest to find three treasures, and these all occurred over a span of years, according to Chapter 4. Chapter 2 suggests they had to have occurred before Edward made Graham King however (otherwise its Graham would have had to find some of the treasures between the time he became king and CH2 but this seems less likely).

Other references were cut such as a referenced to Fairy Godmother. Fairies in general are left out of the game's story, or cut.

KQ2 referencesEdit

Chapter 3 replaces the events of King's Quest 2. Changing the events leading up to the tower (dinner feast is very different than it was in the manual), Kolyma itself has been re-imagined and split into two countries, and the tower was moved to Kolyma itself. Kolyma was made part of the Enchanted Isles (the tower is more in a forest on a continent/island rather than a strange island) which is surrounded by Neptune's Kingdom (but there is no indication that he visited with Neptune and there is no reference to or no need for him to find three keys to enter another 'realm'). Hagatha is completely reimagined and trapped in her tower (Graham doesn't meet her until he reaches the tower, so no encounters with her in any caves).

The tower has been completely re-imagined as this moving tower that moves between different lands. It is not a crystal tower. But the tower is certainly been inspired by the original KQ2 story.

Beyond this there are quite a few out of context references that do point back to original version of the story (but do not exist in this version of the story). A cut line would have made mention of "magic carpet" (a second reference to 'flying carpet' did make it into the game however) but in a completely different context. There is a reference to vampires, and genies but only in reference to the Moral Quarrel game.

The 'little old lady' maybe mentioned but she is told within regards to the queen's backstories (and is maybe somehow a disguised Hagatha or one of her minions).

There is no Pegasus though one does appear on the cover of a book, and other characters mention the as a race (again another reference to that book). There is no lion in the tower, though the book is written by one A. Leon.

Another cut line makes reference to Keys of Harmony (perhaps this was a reinterpretation of the three magic keys) It was one of the treasures Hagatha sent the princesses to go collect.

Manny/Mordon more or less replace the Enchanter from KQ2 (although arguably its not a perfect fit, and may just be a coincidence).

There were other references that were cut (such as flying carpet reference).

KQ3 referencesEdit

Chapter 4 replaces most of the events and details of KIng's Quest 3 (but is loosely inspired by KQ3 story). Manannan kidnaps Alexander, and many other children were kidnapped around the same time, and taken to his mansion in Llewdor (upgraded from a simple 'house' as it was in the original game), to be trained to use magic in order to have them later fight and defeat Graham, and conquer Daventry. Alexander who wouldn't have been killed in this universe, gets tired of Manannan's punishments, uses a cat cookie to escape back to Daventry. Daventry has been at peace over the 18 years since is kidnapping (17 years in the original game). They are glad to see him and Graham decides to have a vacation.

The reimagined kidnapping has Manannan dramatically enters the castle announcing himself, and kills or incapacitates most of the guards. Before he uses magic to bind Graham and the Queen to the their bed, while he kidnaps Alexander and explains most of his plan, before disappearing. Graham searches all of Manny's haunts in order to try to find Alexander, but is not successful (only find a scraps from his swaddling cloth).

This is a large departure from previous versions of the kidnapping story and search (there are 2-3 alternative official versions) in which the parents never knew who took their child,because it was done with secrecy; The basic version as it was told  in KQ3 was that he disappeared from his cradle on the same night that the magic mirror clouded (some of the animals are a little more aware to know he was specifically stolen by Manannan one night and brought to Llewdor to be raised by him), another version has Manannan using sleep spell on everyone without them knowing, and stole the child from a cradle near the lake during a picnic (they woke up to find the cradle still rocking).  The third version had him kidnapped six months after his birth, Valanice looked into the nursery finding it unattended, with Alexander's crib empty, and Rosella crying uncontrollably. In all versions they searched the kingdom but couldn't find any clues to the boy).

As been noted Alexander has no need to rescue his sister, and there is no Three-headed dragon (KQGS) which attacked Daventry in this universe (nor does the story end with any 'hat tossing ceremony') (a cut scene would have explained the lack of 3-headed dragon, and made it even more explicit). However this adventure ends with Graham and Manny defeating Manannan again now in a "Sphinx" form, he escapes gain. In this story Alexander made many cookies, and not just the one he fed as in the original game.

Chapter 3 introduced the The Sorcery of Old (KQGS) but makes a joke that it was 'new' when Graham first saw it. It's discussed further in Chapter 4. Most of the spells (or related ingredients or phrases from the spells) from that book are mentioned throughout the series throughout the first three chapters, and more directly in Chapter 4.

Llewdor itself is first mentioned in Chapter 1 with regards to Graham's homeland, and a place where Amaya once lived.

Pirates get referenced in Chapter 3 but only in context of the Moral Quarrel game.

There is a reference to "Infinite Deserts" which basically combines all the endless deserts seen throughout the King's Quest series into one.

KQ4 referencesEdit

KQ4 has been largely ignored by this series. The only references include a vague reference to the Magic fruit (KQGS) (in two chapters), and a tapestry based on the KQ4 box art, but modified so that the unicorn is now just a horse or badly drawn snute, and a couple of goons are seen. Edgar is referenced in chapter 4.

Note: Chapter 4 replaces or changes the start of King's Quest 4. In this timeline the return of Alexander occurs differently, and Rosella is not rescued from a Three-headed dragon (KQGS).

As of Chapter 4 Graham's health was healthy upon the return of Alexander, and there is no evidence of him having a heart problem.

KQ5 referencesEdit

Chapter 1 refers to Bill the Yeti of Serenia. In chapter 4 there is another reference to matchmaking for a yeti (though this could double as KQ3 reference as well).

Taylor Fey is a KQ5 reference, and he moves to Serenia to become a tailor seen in KQ5.

Chapter 3 reimagines many events from KQ5 or rather foreshadows them. It creates a completely new backstory for the "Characters" of "Icebella". The second Icebella will lead into the KQ5 Icebella.

Manny and Mordon's involvement also foreshadow events of KQ5. Mordon becomes Mordack at the end of the chapter. In this version of the story Mordon is Manny's subordinate and a lesser wizard, however in the original series it was the other way around.

References to Graham's journey in Serenia during KQ5. Obtaining 'Chromium' from the Serenia caverns maybe a reference to the crystal from the yeti cave. References to the shrinking of the castle. Reference to the duel between Graham and Mordack. In this universe Mordack is reimagined to have 'survived' by hiding under the 'floor boards' (and Graham suspected as much, but could never prove it), in the original Mordack was killed (there were not floorboards but stone), and Graham believed he killed him.

KQ6 referencesEdit

Alexander's outfit is based on his outfit in KQ6. A tapestry is based on the boxart of KQ6 showing an updated Alexander encountering a green minotaur. Cassima is mentioned, and so are the Green Isles, and that Alex is king of the Green Isles. Alexander mentions he is interested in veil covered women with green eyes (another Cassima reference).

There are a few references to Minotaurs and labyrinths.

Samhain and his bone xylophone is referenced.

There is reference to a story in which Graham had a sorcery battle with the winged ones. It's not clear when or where this took place, if it was before or after Chapter 5, or if it occured before or after KQ6.

Graham 'visits' the Land of the Dead (KQGS) right out of KQ6 (slightly modified and at a different angle).

Manny once had a duel with Samhain and obtained a destructive elixir.

There is a book in Chapter 3 that was reviewed by the Book Worm of the Green Isles.

KQ7 references Edit

Details from KQ7 alluded to include Eldritch (KQGS), Were-bears, and the crystal dragon (KQGS) (Susan), and indirectly other were-creature references such as were-hogs. Rosella's outfit in Chapter 4 is based on Rosella's outfit in KQ7. Edgar's romance with Rosella is referenced in chapter 4.

KQ8 references and Connor in a future season or episodeEdit

Most of the original King’s Quest titles star King Graham or members of his family. The one exception is King’s Quest VIII: Mask of Eternity, in which a man named Connor has the leading role. This eighth installment is also a divisive entry in the series; it transitioned to 3D graphics and incorporated more action elements. How is The Odd Gentlemen approaching this anomaly in King’s Quest history? “King’s Quest VIII exists,” says creative director Matt Korba. “We’re not doing a lot with Connor – we might have a cameo fit into it – but we’re focused on the core family.”

It does not appear as if Connor will appear in the first series, but it maybe possible he'll appear in future seasons if the series is successful.

While Connor has not appeared yet, there are a few KQ8 related references including Spriggan (KQGS) and Ice orc (KQGS), and indirect reference includes Barnacle bat as a description of a bat manta. The sword of flame might be a reference to the Flame Sword/Sword of Flame in KQ8.

Wizard and the PrincessEdit

It is not clear if Wizard and the Princess is part of the reboot universe or not. Although the idea that Icebella (KQGS) did not move into the Eastern mountains/Great Mountains (KQGS) until after KQ3 might reasonably fit in with how Serenia is portrayed during the series (the Great Mountains are lush and green, rather than frozen) minus the idea that the mountains were shifted north as they were in the classic game. No characters such as Harlin, George, or Priscilla are mentioned in the new series however.


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