Julia is the barkeep of a local tavern in Daventry town in a less populated community on the edge of the city.


Julia may have once worked under Hrothgar at the Purple Pig. She brought two mugs of fruit juice out to young Rosella and Farquhar.[1]

She was turned to stone during the cataclysm, along with two of her customers. She had always been there for Connor whenever he had troubles, and now she needed him. He took her money since he knew she would allow the use of her gold in order to save Daventry. He persevered until she was freed from the horrendous evil, by restoring the Mask of Eternity.

Behind the scenesEdit

"She is the owner of the Tavern, Connor is a young guy, he's a normal guy, and sometimes he might have problems, maybe a few romantic problems, here and there"-Roberta Williams "Town drunk?"-Mark Seibert "No, no, he's not the town, no, he comes in and drinks his root beer...sarsparilla, and he talks to Julia, as you guys have probably figured out, Sarah is his girlfriend, and sometimes he might have a few problems now and then, and Julia might help him out with advice.-Roberta Williams, Talkspot part 2, December 1998


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