Jollo is the Court Clown to King Caliphim and Queen Allaria. He appears in King's Quest 6, and meeting him is required to complete the long quest.


Jollo is the clown to the royal court and had been since the marriage of King Caliphim and Queen Allaria.[1]

He tells Alexander about Cassima and her pet nightingale Sing-Sing. Knowing about Sing-Sing allows Alexander to send presents to Cassima, namely his ring, a love poem, and ultimately the rose. Jollo also informs Alexander that he can get Shamir's lamp if he had an exact replica to swap it with. This lamp can be acquired from the lampseller in the Village of the Crown by trading the hunter's lamp found on the Isle of the Beast (but after visiting the Isle of the Mists, as it is required for the Make Rain Spell). When Alexander is in the castle, Jollo will rescue Alexander from prison once. The second time, Alexander must use the skeleton key. The third time, Alexander is permanently trapped, as the guards have taken his key.

He is often seen in Ali's Books reading a book entitled The Changing Role of Court Entertainers Through the Ages or Court Clowning Through the Ages.[2] This is appropriate, as he is a jester.


  • Jollo the Clown
  • Master Jollo
  • Court Clown


  • Jollo finds mint repulsive.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jollo's voice is based on comedian Ed Wynn.

Jollo is known as Jollo the Clown, or Master Jollo.


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