The Johannes Bey was a sailing ship, the pride of Daventry's fleet, and the royal flagship[1].



Alexander travelled on the sloop to get to the Land of the Green Isles to find Cassima. Alexander was standing in the forecastle of the ship, when the storms around the islands began. He was fighting for his life against the maddened elements of wind and water. The ship was blown onto the treacherous reefs that dot the shallow ocean of that island country.[2] Alexander just helped his crew into the ship's lifeaboats, before he himself was knocked of the ship by a gigantic wave. The ship had crashed off the coast of the Isle of the Crown. Various sea-wrack from the ship washed up on the southern edge of the island. Alexander himself had washed up onto the small beach. When he receovered he saw the remains of his ship. Of the captain and the crew there was no sign, and he spared a moment to hope that they, too, had reached safety.[3] He hoped they were not lost in the Dangerous Currents, and Rocky Shoals surrounding the Green Isles. However, they safely returned to Daventry.

The debris of the ship washed up on the southern shore of the Isle of the Crown near the beach south of The Crossroads.

The name of the ship must be named after someone who was historically important in the Kingdom of Daventry.

Behind the scenesEdit

The ship's name is not mentioned in KQ6, the name Johannes Bey is established by the King's Quest Companion, and said to be Alexander's ship. Surprisingly in a story that appeared in InterAction magazine, the ship was referred to as the Valanice. In script for KQ6 on Mac it appears this was the flagship of Daventry's fleet.

Johannes VI Bey 1528–43 was the bishop of Dorpat/Tartu of Estonia.

Although the King's Quest Companion calls it a "sloop" the ship in the game does not resemble the style of a modern sloop. A sloop is a single masted ship with with a fore and rig, while the ship in the game has two masts. However there is more than one definition for sloop and the term has changed meaning over time.


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