Sir James of Daventry is a Spirit Knight. Connor calls him Sir Knight (an honorary title that Connor and Graham shares with him), and was once a Champion.


He was a famous and noble knight of Daventry many years ago. He was buried in a tomb constructed near the front gate of the Castlekeep Ruins (ruins of a castle dating to at least Edward's early reign, if not long before).

He saw Connor as a fellow champion he told him to seek the Dimension of Death. He told him to search for the door of divine origin, a portal, and that an urn would lead the way. Sir James did not know how to defeat the Shadow Bane. Connor also "borrowed" Sir James hero ring from his sarcophagus. He asked the knight to forgive him, but he needed the ring for his quest. The knight told him to avail his ring in his quest for righteousness. Connor said he would try. Once Magical Ring of Illumination was formed Sir James returned to his tomb, and was not seen by Connor again.


  • Sir James the Transparent
  • Champion
  • Spirit Knight
  • Sir Knight

Behind the scenesEdit

The 'Spirit Knight' was portrayed by Neil Ross.

Interestingly the Figure title in KQ8 Hintbook, calls him 'Sir James the Transparent', this is somewhat tongue in cheek.

Other than Graham, and later Connor, there are few other knights held to the same kind of renown or considered famous. Which makes James particularly special. The only other individual treated to that level honor is Graham's unnamed grandfather (aka Great-Grandfather), and to lesser extent Graham's own father; Hereward (who is remembered more for his rules). There is always the possiblity however remote, that James could be the same individual as Great-Grandfather as both appear to famous, and renown and had died off at some point years into the past. Although there is no direct evidence linking the two.

A carving describing the knight can be seen on his tomb. It appears that at least the first line might be in English common text, but its hard to make out. It could be James full name or simply say James of Daventry.

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