Itch-Two-Wey village?

Itch-two-Wey is the homeland of the knight and hunter Achaka, and grand-daughter Taskia.


The people and language is known as Itch-two-ans.

The character known as Achaka may actually be from Achaka, as no one  (other than Manny, who is untrustworthy at best, and later tosses out the name 'Pitch-three-ans') seems to actually know his name, and foreign knight answers Achaka to number of different questions, including to the name of his homeland. Achaka could just be a word for "I don't understand" (However, Taskia does seem to confirm that her grand-father's name is Achaka).

Behind the scenesEdit

One of the only unknown villages in the original series with what appeared to be a tribal culture living in huts, was in the original King's Quest series was a mysterious village seen above the valley near the Roc Nest, but there was no ingame lore explaining this valley.

The closest information trying to explain the inspiration of the events and the area, was in the The King's Quest Companion, which described a village of hunters who mined diamonds in a valley below using help of eagles. That Sinbad had been dropped into the valley by a roc, and used one of the eagles to escape. See Valley of Diamonds.

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