The Isle of the Dead is a dark mysterious island in the chain of islands that make up the Land of the Green Isles.


The Realm of the Dead can be reached via the island, although the Realm itself is not actually part of the world (and lies beyond the Edge of the World).[1]

The island represents the Surface Region of that realm, below lies the Underworld. The islands cold black mountains are sometimes seen on the horizon from other islands, though few have confirmed its existence. It is not part of the kingdom, although it is part of the island chain.[2]

The island cannot be reached by boat, but only by passage on the black winged horse Night Mare.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Realm itself is not part of the 'real world' of Daventry but exists on a separate plane, the 'next world', and apparently lies beyond the edge of the world. The Isle of the Dead represents a physical manifestation of the realm bleeding into world of Daventry.


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