The Isle of the Beast was once known as Isle of the Forest but it gained its current name once it became inhabited by the Beast.


An enchantment causes any who are in the garden with him to become a beast. They will also become the Beast's slave. The castle was guarded by three enchanted traps; a boiling pond, a gate with a dangerous stone archer, and a gazebo with rosebushes that grow to cover the entrance. If anyone made it past those barriers, a hedge maze made up the last barrier protecting the Beast.

The first three barriers were put up more as warning and protection for anyone attempting to breach the Castle. If anyone made it past the barriers they would find themselves under the power of the enchantment, and become the servant of the beast themselves.

The islands beach is located on the southern edge of the island.[1] East of the Isle of the Crown is the Isle of the Beast. It is a place full to bursting with life, but just two inhabitants. The Beast Prince, Cocteau the Thrice Blessed, and his bride, who is the woman named Beauty. Cocteau has returned to his human form, pleasing of face and gentle of demeanor. The two live in a great chateau, spending near all of their time together, a reaction perhaps to their prior situations of pain and shame and loneliness. A deadly stone archer stands sentry over the gates to the chateau's garden where, some swear, the most beautiful roses in the world grow. To reach them, however, one must brave a thorn hedge as dense and sharp as its roses are delightful.[2]


The 'hedge maze' is the last barrier on the island. It is the final obstacle protecting the Beast's privacy. It is unclear what the result of violating the maze would be.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • It is based on the story of the Beauty and Beast.
  • Beast's castle and its hedge maze are inaccessible.


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