The Isle of Wonder is a strange place of unlikely people, creatures and plants. Everything on this isle seems to have sentience, the vegetation and perhaps even the sand itself. Some main spots are the Pun Garden, Exclamation Point (home of the Book Garden) which is inhabited by a bookworm, the murky and deadly swamp portion of the island. The capital of the island is mysterious and expansive Chessboard Land, from which the Queens Blanche and Ruffina hold leadership of the island through they owe allegiance to the Crown.

The Island is guarded by Sense Gnomes, who represent, as per their title, the five senses. The island appears to be based on Alice In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

The islands beach lies on the southside of the island.[1]


West of the Isle of the Crown is the Isle of Wonder. In the world of Daventry where the wondrous is commonplace; the wordplays made live, the garden of puns, and the point of exclamation are considered strange beyond the ordinary. A second land, protected behind stout walls, is also on this island. The Chessboard Land is the home to the Queens Ruffina and Blanche who rule over all, despite a life of constant bickering.

The Isle of Wonder is said to be protected by a guard of gnomes known only as Sense Gnomes. Each is endowed with one overgrown organ with which to repel intruders, but in return for their special power, they are completely deprived of all their other senses. The gnomes are efficiently deadly nonetheless.

Of particular interest, is the book stacks of the bookworm, librarian, and chief tax collector of the island. Many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore awaits once with the patience to poke around there. One must beware though of the Black Widow who keeps sharp eyes out for inattentive browsers.[2]


Behind the scenesEdit

The Isle of Wonder is inspired by Wonderland in the Alice stories.

Isle of Wonder (unofficial)Edit

The Isle of Wonder appears in The Silver Lining, see Isle of Wonder (unofficial).

The tune used for Bookworm is Mysterioso Pizzicato, usually used as a "sneaky villain" theme.


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