The Irate Customer was a customer in the Fey Tailorshop.


The rude, finicky customer kept trying on many items of fine clothing.

The friendly employee catered hopefully to the disagreeable customer in the one dressing room. He kept complaining to Tailor Fey's employee about how horrible the clothes were (where not his style at all, tie the wrong color, the material too thin, and he wanted it thicker), and how many didn't fit (trousers that didn't fit, shirt too tight in the shoulders, the sleeves weren't long enough, wanting to get his boots on over his trousers). He kept telling him to take everything back, as he didn't like any of them. He kept persisting to try on other ones.

The rude customer didn't care to talk to Graham.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character's full title in the credits is Irate Customer in Tailor Shop. He is voiced by Guruka Singh Khalsa.

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