One of the books that could be accessed through the Cyclopedia. Through the pages of the book are illustration after illustration of wasps and ants, beetles and moths. Followed by a selection of colorful butterflies. There was a section on weevils, it contained several pictures there. The book did not contain information on the magical wandering weevils.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This one is an interesting reference, as its a pre-KQ5 (at least time line wise, not publishing) reference to Serenia, and the suggestion that Daventry is part of the 'Surrounding Lands'. By context it appears to be discussing the country rather than the continent. In the King's Quest Companions during the era of KQ3/4 Serenia was largely missing in the northern edge of the Daventry continent (though Wizard and the Princess and 2nd Edition of the King's Quest Companion would seem to imply that at least a small section of the kingdom of Serenia was still on the northern edge of the continent for many years before, during and after KQ3).


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