Innsmouth is a town in the Other World.


It was an old town that dates back to at least the late 1400s. The Whateley Manor was a building from there, and was home to both commoners and nobles alike. In fact, Whateley Manor appears to have been the home to the ruling family and lords of Innsmouth. The manse is flanked by two graveyards where many former inhabitants of Innsmouth both noble and common were buried.

Wilbur Whateley was one of the last known owners of the house.

There are former citizens who had connections to places such as Chelt'nam or historical individuals such as Simon Byrne.

At some point the mutant sorcerers of Innsmouth withdrew from the town bringing along Whateley Manor and its twin graveyards into Tamir with them.

Behind the scenesEdit

Innsmouth was the name of two fictional towns in a couple of H.P. Lovecraft's stories.

One of the Innsmouths was in England, and just had an offhand mention, but no history. It was just a half-abandoned village on cliffs by the sea.

The most famous Innsmouth and the source of the concept of the fish-like mutants was in Massachusetts. It is an ancient Massachusetts seaport. Citizens of the town worshiped Dagon who demanded living sacrifices, and they began to change into fish-like abominations of the sea, called Deep Ones.

Surprisingly, the gravestones in the graveyards near the manor contain references to locations in England, and the dates predate any known American English colony which all occured mid-1500s or more. In fictional history of Innsmouth, MA, the town was founded in 1643 almost a century after the earliest burials in the game (Willy 1546). Lord Coningsby died in 1626 some 17 years before Lovecraft's founding date for the town.

Most of the tombstones epitaphs are based on tombstones of actual people scattered across the United States, England and Scotland (with only some minor editing, such as the dates).

Taking this into consideration it maybe that elements of the graveyards themselves were pulled from various places around the world, and not necessarily all originating from Innsmouth. But the ghosts would have later had to have haunted the mansion as it was the nearest building to them. The manor itself may have preexisted as a country manor house before the town was build around it.

However, as Wilbur Whateley (of Dunwich Horror) is mentioned and Whateley used as the name of the manor, it is probably a reference to the Massachusetts Innsmouth (although in Lovecraft stories Wilbur was associated with Dunwich and there was no mention of him in anything to do with Innsmouth).

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