The Impossible Mountains are a great mountain range on the continent of Tanalore that lie east of Tamir.


They are so named because of how hard they are to cross. Waterfalls thunder out its mist-shrouded heights, which are the source of all Tamir's streams and fresh water. Vast sucking swamps filled quicksand and lush life are located to the east of the mountains. The summits are covered with snow and ice. They are one of the barriers between Tamir and eastern lands of Tanalore including Llewdor. The iced peaks of the mountains are very cold.

Only those who can fly like birds or go under the mountains are able to see the swamps.

Behind the scenesEdit

Genesta describes the mountains as 'the great mountains', and that the swamp lies on the other side, and that Lolotte's castle overlooks Tamir from them. The description of 'great mountains' are also used to describe the mountains in Wizard and the Princess, and the mountains in King's Quest V. Though KQ5's mountains are specifically given the name the "Great Mountains', and Great Mountains are also the name given to the mountains in KQ3 by the King's  Quest Companion.

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