Iconomancy is a form of magic that uses no words in its casting.[1] The name for the magic was invented by Alexander. The spell is cast through the conjuration through pictures or icons.


It is a type of spellcasting that uses images and icons instead of words or runes. The Objurgation of Souls is a book on Iconomancy. It was used by Graham and Mordack in their final magical battle.[2]

The spellcaster must be in possession of a potently charged Wand of Magic during the act of casting. Few magics work properly, if at all, without the stick of sorcery to channel and propel the magical energies through the aether from the caster to its culmination. Iconomancy is not one of the exceptions.[3]

The spells in the Ye Olde Spell Booke were only for those who were versed in higher Iconomancy. Although the spells themselves were not Icon based, they required practice in those arts.[4]

A caster of Iconomancy would be an 'Iconomancer' (although it is not known if this term is used within lore).

Icon spellsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Iconomancy is a term that originates out of the King's Quest Companion, it is also mentioned in King's Questions.


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