Icebella (Neese)

Icebella are the rulers of the Ice Palace (KQGS) in Avalon (KQGS) to the East (KQGS) or Tanalore (KQGS) to the West (KQGS), and later the Eastern mountains of Serenia.


Icebella or Ice Queen the name/title for at least two characters. One of which is the former Valanice of either Eastern or Western Kolyma (depending on the player's choice).

The second is the former Ice Guard of the Ice Palace who becomes the new Icebella after the unfortunate death of the first Icebella.

Icebella (Neese)Edit

Has artistics skills in creating the ice maze, creating ice statutes and has a sculpture of Vee in progress. Still showing her passion for art.

The puzzles were made from being taught by Vee when they were still in the tower, before Graham climbed to rescue his wife.

She continued to live in Tanalore in the West, until she is killed by Manny.

She wears purple and lavender crown and clothing.

Icebella (Vee)Edit

Creating the puzzles to keep people in, having the same passion for puzzles.

The sculptures were created from the experience she had with Neese when she was Vee.

She continued to live in Avalon in the East until she was killed by Manny.

She wears green crown and green clothing.

Icebella (Ice Guard)Edit

Upon the death of Icebella (Vee or Neese) by Manny, one of the Ice Guards picks up the crown from Icebella, and declares herself the new Icebella. Presumably the Icebella who will rule the Ice Palace in Serenia during this universes' version of KQ5. Her backwards gibberish actually states that she will miss the previous Icebella, then orders all the other guards to hail her as the new Icebella, the future leader of everything seen, and then for her subjects to kiss her ring finger.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

No matter who became Icebella, she takes on elements of the personality and traits of the other Valanice. Both have become cold, emotionless and distant. Under the influence of the Sphinx (KQGS) she has captured many adventurers over the years, who either become trapped or frozen in her puzzle rooms, or perhaps worse (carved into new decorations for her halls). She has a thing for wolves.

Names and titlesEdit

  • Icebella
  • Queen Icebella
  • Ice Queen
  • Neese
  • Vee
  • Ice Guard

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Behind the scenesEdit

In a sense Icebella is a 'Dread Pirate Roberts" character name, one which is taken on by several individuals. Of course the fact that Ice Guard becomes the Icebella from "KQ5" is only discovered by playing the unintelligble whispering gibberish of the Ice Guard backwards.


  1. She will be missed." "All hail the new Icebella!" "The future leader of everything I see!" "Kiss my ring finger, my subjects.
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