The information from this article is from the fan game s or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

The IF universe article is a comparison between the ZZT King's Quest games and the canon King's Quest material.

Background Edit

The ZZT games by Interactive Fantasies are some of the earliest of the King's Quest fan games. Like later King's Quest games they take inspiration from the official series, but make a number of changes either due to artistic license or have issues with continuity of the main series.

This article compares many of the differences, in continuity, and by fan retcons/story changes/artistic license made by the game (compared to the canon original games and material), as well as comparing screens from different games, and showing differences between the fan game and the original Sierra material.

See also POS universe, AGDI universe, IS universe, Js universe and IA universe for similar comparisons between other fan games and the original series. And KQ1 comparisons, KQ5 comparisons, TOG universe (Dragon's Lair comparisons) for similar comparisons between official remakes, ports and adaptations.

Daventry Edit

Daventry is set on the Isle of Daventry, this not unlike KQ3's map (though Daventry is considered a continent), but ignores later KQ5 related information that shows that at the time ZZT takes place Serenia should exist on the continents north.

The Land of the Clouds is apparently reimagined as the Andropodia Uplands. Daventry is given another desert, but not the one seen in KQ5, see Aberian Desert.

Llewdor Edit

Llewdor is interpreted as the Isle of Llewdor. This is in contradiction with the ideas given in the King's Quest Companion of where Llewdor is on the same continent as Tamir. However, by itself it is fairly consistent with how things are portrayed in the maps in KQ3.

Tamir Edit

Tamir appears as the Isle of Tamir. This is in contradiction with thei deas given in the the King's Quest Companion, where Tamir is on the same continent as Llewdor.

POS universe conectionEdit

Elements of the ZZT games were adapted into the POS universe (The Silver Lining) via an article in The Four Winds.

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