Horses are animals used for mounts. A female horse is known as a mare.



Rosella riding a horse.

Horses are found or known the world over in places as diverse as Serenia, Daventry,  Mertili, the Green Isles, Kolyma, and Tamir, and many others.

In Daventry, the Royal Family's horses are kept in the Royal Stables of Daventry.[1] There are also stables in Daventry town itself. Graham's own steed is a buckskin gelding. Valanice's horse was a dapple gray mare. Rosella's horse was a bay mare. Other horses include Blue, a blue roan. The royal stables have a hay wagon that is pulled with teams of two horses.[2] Horses put off a lot of heat during the winter, keeping the stables warm.[3]

Horse traders come to the castle to buy or sell horses from the handlers.[4]

Farriers pound shoes for horses.[5] Farquhar's father was a farrier.

The bandits of the Endless Desert use horses as mounts to cross the desert.

Telgrin's black knights rode on sinister black chargers.[6]

After eating pieces of a golden fish, a fisherman's horse had two golden foals.

A Toy Horse is a horse-shaped toy.

In the Ancient Ones's alphabet, the horse is represented by the letter W.

A special kind of horse is a flying horses, both those with wings (winged horses such as Pegasus, and Night Mare), and regular horses with magical ability to fly (Necromancer). Another special kind of horse is the Unicorns which have a single horn growing out of their head.

The chess knights are shaped as the head of a horse.

The Essence of Sun Tzu depicts Sun Tzu riding on a horse.

There is an old saying about beating a dead horse. Beating a dead goat would be pretty much the same thing.[7]

There is a belief, not so common anymore, that a wicked witch can can throw a magic bridle over someone's head and turn the person into a horse. The witch then rides the unhappy person a long distance to some witches' gathering, and rides back in the morning. The victim soon becomes ill and weary from lack of sleep and died. A number of folktales exist that tell how some victims were able to escape this fate.[8]

The Compleat Works of William Shakespeare also refers to horses.

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Horses (flying or otherwise) are mentioned in almost every King's Quest game (with perhaps the exception of King's Quest 1 AGI, and Wizard and the Princess). There is a minor mention in reference to 'beating a dead horse' in KQ1SCI.


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