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Hornswaggle is a large Well Dragon who lived in the caverns below the Forest Well.


An elderly Graham was later chased by hornswaggle as it terrorized the kingdom of Daventry. The story of that adventure has not been told.[1]


Hornswaggle is one character whose story is influenced by the virtue system, but he only appears or is mentioned in the first three chapters (and is mysteriously absent from last two). However, the character is most aligned with one of two choices in the Bravery path, as that is the path he loses an Eye to Graham.

A Knight To Remember[]

Rubble Without A Cause[]

Once Upon A Climb[]


Gwendolyn points out that the Dragon Taskia was after was not the same Dragon that killed her Grandfather.

Titles and nicknames[]

  • Well Dragon

Behind the scenes[]

Depending on choices Graham through bravery blinds the dragon with an arrow, only for it to return and attack Daventry later in anger. Or if Graham freed it from its chains and shackles it may assist Graham from compassion. Graham may also ring a bell out of his wisdom which leads the dragon away thinking that it's dinner bell had gone off.

Hornswaggle,appears to be a reference to a 2014 childrens book "Hornswaggle" about a child and her pet dragon: Hornswoggle.[2]

Listening to Manny and Achaka's conversation carefully ome can hear Manny utter the word Hornswaggle to Achaka during the pre-trial meeting event. It is confirmed to be a name of the Dragon in chapter 3 suggesting that it was Manny who lead Achaka to his doom to get rid of another potential smart rival.

The name for the species Well Dragon comes from the file names for the dragon character and other dragons appearing in the series. It is inspired by the The Dragon of King's Quest I. Though its story and the events of KQ1 has been reimagined. In the game it is described simply as the dragon, or its fullname is given

In Ch2, Young Graham sees a prophecy in the mirror of Old Graham being chased by a Well Dragon, and later after being kidnapped, and taken underground by the Goblins, he has hallucinations of the Well Dragon, and even comes across a "Baby Dragon". There is also a tapestry showing Graham facing off with a dragon in his 40s or 50s.

Also in Chapter 3, in particular if on the 'wisdom/bell' path with the Dragon, Graham comments that it was not his day to face Hornswaggle again. Forshadowing that Graham would face him again.

The choices were not neccarily wrong choices but were intended to have consquences later in the story. But unfortunately that plot ends prematurely, and is not given any ending.