Hesthia is the mother of Benjamin and Betony. She was married to Daventry town's Baker.


She was Rosella's childhood friend.[1] Hesthia had been one of the village girls that had come to the castle to play with her when she was much smaller and needed playmates. Some of the girls had not cared for the princess, nor she for them, but Hesthia had always been kind.

She married the town baker when she was 13-14.

She often took care of her sister's children, when her sister was sick.

She has little ones of her own, first there was little Benjamin when she was around fifteen, and two years later, when she was 17, the precious Betony.

Personality and traitsEdit

She has green eyes that sparkled with delight. Her long red was braided in a style favored by married women. She dressed in a matornly manner with long gray skirts swirled about her ankles. She was three years older than Rosella.

Hesthia married when she was 13-14 this was considered old enough to be married and have children in Daventry's culture.

Rosella was still 14, nearing her 15th birthday, and Hesthia wondered if there was marriage and children in here near future as well, as was the custom in Daventry.[2]


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  2. “And what about you, Rosella?” asked Hesthia. “Is there marriage and children in your future?" Rosella blushed, “No, of course not,” she said. “Be- sides, who in Daventry could I marry?" Hesthia shrugged. “I don’t know about such things. I‘m not a princess. A baker suits me just fine.”
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