Graham in Hell

King Graham suffers in Hell[1]

Hell is the dark underworld reserved for those who are evil in some philosophies in Daventry, including the Christian beliefs.


Death fascinates men the world round, and there are as many philosophies about what comes after this life as there are, it seems, lives which end.[2] Hell is just one of these beliefs. It is ruled by Satan. Sinners and evil souls may end up going to hell, and demons and devils are often associated with hell. In some beliefs there are more than one hells. Wicked denizens live in the deepest hells listening to infernal music. Some believe that the dungeons of hell can be seen hanging from the floating portions of Mordack's Island[3], lava from hell drains down to the land below.

William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet that at witching time of the night, churchyards yawn, and hell itself breaths out its Contagion into the world. The Zombies in Tamir are evidence of this phenomena happening in the world.

Graham was sure Mordack's hideous organ in his castle played music only for the denizens of the deepest hells.[4]

It has been said that following his life King Graham ended up in Hell for various sins (perhaps following after his father's kleptomania, sacrificing innocent virgin maidens, and attempting to sacrifice his own daughter Rosella). The dead King was tortured and tormented by skeletons and demons in Hell.[5]

Those who are bound for hell are known as the Damned.

The lava in the Barren Region may originate from hell.

Other Names

  • Darn
  • Durn/durned
  • Drat
  • Rats (from 'Drat')
  • Damn/Damned (appears in KQ4 curse word list as one of the words flagged to bring up the funny message against cursing)
  • Heck[6][7]

Behind the scenes

Hell or Hades is mentioned or alluded to in two comments, one is in the Compleat Works of Shakespeare. KQ4 also makes reference to Davey Jones' locker, which is also an allusion to hell. In KQ8 Hell appears to be associated with the Black Abyss.

It would seem the King's Quest series has grown up a bit with the creation of Mask. Evidence of this continually surfaces throughout the game but is especially apparent with the central antagonist and Archarchon, Lucreto. His storyline parallels that of Lucifer, the fallen angel whose attempt to overtake Heaven ends him up in Hell.

-Interaction Magazine, Fall, 1997

The Fire Dwarves refer to hell in KQ8, threatening to send Connor to hell.[8]KOS, pg "...heck, hardly anyone comes this way."

In KQ4SCI 'damn' is one of the words the game responds to and has a funny reference to, along with other curse words.


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