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Prophet Hector was a Crystal Mystic.


He is from an ancient race which was has since turned to dust. He left a recording for Connor letting him know his role in the the cataclysm, so that Champion Eternal could better complete his task.

Connor later thinks back on the prophet Hector when he discovers the frozen and tortured bodies of the Archons in the Temple of the Sun.

Behind the scenes[]

This character is referred to as "hector" in the debug mode. Some of the files refer to him as Mystic.

The name Hector is most well known from a Trojan prince in the Iliad, champion of Troy and one of the greatest fighters of the Trojan War from Greek mythology. Although there is very little in common between the mythic character and the KQ character.

The name Hector does not appear in the game's credits. This character appears to be listed under the name Crystal Mystic (which also appears to refer to character known as the Old Man). It may be possible that both characters are the same, or that same actor did both characters (and the credits simply does not separate them, much as is the case for Henchman, Archon, and Hillman, and some of the other races voice actors).