Heaven is a belief in many philosophies in Daventry.


Death fascinates men the world round, and there are as many philosophies about what comes after this life as there are, it seems, lives which end.[1] Heaven is just one of these beliefs.

While little is known about heaven or the heavens of Daventry, they are occasionally mentioned. It is alluded to being a place where those who die with a pure heart go to rest.[2] Blessings are bestowed on the living from heaven.[3]

Many people believe those living in heaven such as God and Christ look down upon those on the world protecting and watching over them. It also associated with being the home of angels. Heaven is sometimes mentioned in plural suggesting that there are several. One such heaven is Mount Olympus. It is said that Prometheus stole fires from heaven (Mount Olympus). In revenge Zeus created Pandora and Pandora's Box.

It is sometimes referred to as Angelville.


  • Several individuals thank the "heavens" throughout the games, novels and the King's Quest Companion. These include Hakim, Alexander[4] and Connor.
"What in heaven's name was that?"-Valanice (KQ7)
"Thank the heavens..."-Hakim/Alexander[5]
"Thank heavens, my own dwelling!"-Connor
"By heavens..."-Alexander/Cyril[6]
  • Rumplestiltskin states, that "Heaven knows, we need you", in KQ3.
  • Graham struts pride to the heaven.[7]
  • Heavens may also refer to the skies, stars, planets, moon, and space rather than an afterlife. Manannan for example was well versed in knowledge of the heavens and earth. The golden lion and its master the the tall man roared to the heavens.[8] See "...thank the stars! (KQ6).
  • Manannan had a copy of A Study of the Heavens in his library, this could be a study of the sky, the zodiac or even magic related to the High Kingdom or kingdoms (see High and Low Kingdoms).
  • An epitaph in Tamir states; Shrubs may revive: But you, thank heaven, will not."
  • A rhyme in Ooga Booga states, when the branch shaped like a snake is pointing up, for heaven's sake, run away.
  • The Realm of the Sun is said to be Heaven, and the Black Abyss is said to be Hell respectively.

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  • Graham speaks of 'Heavenly' prayers.


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