Harpies' island
Harpies' Island (aka Harpy's Island, Harpie Island, Harpy Island, and Island of Four Harpies[1]) is a small island off the coast of the continent of Serenia. It is located some distance from Mordack's Evil Island either to the north or to the south.


The island is the location of a large colony of harpies, although most only encounter three or four of them at a time, leading to one of the islands alternate names. This island is well-known to mariners and certain merchants. In the winters, when the harpies have migrated to somewhat warmer regions, the island is mined for its abundant deposits of guano. It is said to be extremely strong stuff, but makes the best fertilizer in the world.[2]

At one of the highest points of the island is the Harpies' Roost, where the Harpy Sisters (the Four Harpies themselves) are located.[3] The island is actually home to at least twenty harpies, and they all had an interest in Graham.[4]


  • Beach
  • Path
  • Harpy Clearing

Behind the scenesEdit

This island is also known as Harpy Island official KQ5 Hintbook.

The exact location of Harpy Island is unclear, as the island seems to switch places with Mordack's Island routinely.

Island of the Four Harpies really only works for KQ5 SCI versions, as there is only two harpies in KQ5NES.


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