The Harp was an instrument Graham received from the Weeping Willow. Another harp was connected to the Gazing Ball in Etheria. It was said to be quite magical and could play the sweetest music.


A harp is an ancient stringed instrument that is still in use. Somewhat triangular in shape, it is often confused with its smaller, and equally ancient, cousin known as the lyre. Harps (and harp-like instruments) have been traced as far back as ancient Egypt and Assyria, and many different cultures developed their own versions of it. The smaller harps were easily carried by traveling poets and musicians, and among Gaelic peoples especially, harps and harpists were particularly venerated. It is said that the children of Israel hung their harps on the branches of willow trees as they wept by the rivers of Babylon during their captivity. The harp that Graham found was also in the possesion of a willow, this one a weeping willow.[1]

A long time ago, when Graham was young he had learned how to play the harp, because of that he could play beautifully.


KQ5: It is a small harp of beautifully carved mahogany.


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