The Hall of Justice is an area accessed through a portal near the Sylph's Fountain in the Dimension of Death where the Scales of Justice are kept. It is a strange cosmic zone (much like the location of the Floating Tile Puzzle) where stars can be seen in the distance and scales float mysteriously in space. A Potion of Invisibility floated above a pedestal. Connor put the Feather of Truth he had found in the Hall of War on the scales, and then he was able to balance out the scales, when he stood on the other side of the scale. The balancing freed Lord Azriel from his sanctum, and repaired the Sacred Heart, allowing the blood to pump, and emptying the pools of blood throughout the Dimension of Death.

Engraved above the entrance portal to the hall, and a pedestal within the room is the words;

"Attain Truth to bring all the forces into Perfect Balance."

Behind the scenesEdit

The Hall of Justice is based on the Hall of Two Truths from Egyptian mythology where Anubis or Osiris judged the weight of 'truth' of the heart of a soul against the ostrich feather of Ma'at.

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