Hagatha's Tower is a tower located in the kingdom of Kolyma.

It was located outside of Western Kolyma, on the edge of her kingdom, when Neese ended up in the tower.

It later became the Ice Tower.


  • Tower Legs
  • Tower Hut
  • Tower Core
  • Hagatha's Bedroom
  • Hagatha's Lair
  • Vee's Bedroom
  • Neese's Bedroom
  • Tower Pinnacle

Behind the scenesEdit

Graham will finally meet Queen Valanice, locked away in Hagatha's tower, but the truth behind this fairy tale is more complicated than you might think.

King Graham travels far looking to save a princess from a tower to be his queen. He makes a long trek to get to the tower. No matter how far along the path Graham travels, the tower still looms in the distance, seemingly not changing in size.

Graham eventually gets to the tower with his future queen in it, only to find two women waiting for him. Not only that, Graham now finds himself stuck at the top of the tower with both of them.

Graham, during his attempt to escape gains affinity with one of the princesses until finally deciding on asking one to join him as the queen of Daventry. Along the way, he explores the awkwardness of love and dating while attempting to gain freedom from the evil witch Hagatha.[1]

The final location of Hagatha's tower and the order of where the tower moves to, depends on the princess you first choose. It will either end up in Avalon if you choose Neese, or Tanalore if you chose Vee, with the other princess left behind.

The geography of the location is not noticeable in Chapter 3 however, and the frozen version of the path to the tower look pretty much the same in chapter 4. But the screen you enter when you are first taken to each land is a frozen version of a scene from Chapter 3, the beach for Tanalore and the edge of a forest with high evergreen trees for Avalon. It's also suggests that Tanalore lies to the West of Daventry, and Avalon lies to the East of Daventry.


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