Hags are once human (or at least usually human) magic users with the appearance of very old ladies.



They often have supernatural strength along with power. They have much in common with their sisterly witches, and many are cannibals, keeping stewpots ready for the unwary.[1]

Almost all wicked witches are hags. Not all witches are necessarily wicked or hags.

Physiology and traitsEdit

Hags are generally larger than normal humans. They sometimes have bent-over hides their true height. Hags often have green, grey or pale pink skin in their normal appearance. But may possibly disguise themselves as regular sized humans.

Hags are usually remarkably ugly often look very similar to each other in their regular appearance (often long noses with warts, missing or toothless grins). They almost all are cannibals and have a taste for human flesh.

Behind the scenesEdit

It's likely suggested that most hags if not all are witches, but perhaps not all witches are hags. But most witches seen in KQ are hags.

The harpies are described as 'hags' in the Companion, but it is unlikely that they are magic users.


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