Gwennie is a young girl from Daventry town. Daughter of Mr. Kavanagh, and his wife.


Shortly before the tempest struck, she followed her brother to the church. She hid behind a gravestone and watched her brother go into the church. She then followed him into mausoleum, and into a Portal, the door of divine origin, into the Dimension of Death. She was captured by the monsters of the realm, and imprisoned in a room of boxes near the Southwest Tower and could not leave. Connor found her weeping. She told him that she didn't think her brother made it. Connor promised to find her brother if he could. He then freed her by pushing the metal box that blocked the way out away from the exit, allowing her to return home. Connor reckoned she probably shouldn't have gone alone. She said it was no problem, she knew the way back out. She could run fast and knew the monster's couldn't catch her. She then ran fast all the way home. He told her to stay inside until after he saved the world. Unfortunately he couldn't save her brother.

Later he checked on her, to find out if she was safe, and to find out her name. Said she was glad to be home, but noticed that something was wrong, that Daventry was dark and that all the people were turned to stone, even her parents. Connor told her that a tragedy had occurred, but it could be overcome, that was his quest. He hoped soon that Daventry and all of its inhabitants would be restored once again. She believed in him, and then offered him her father's gold, knowing he would approve. Connor thanked for he needed it. He then told her to not venture outside, and to protect herself until the madness came to an end. She told him not to worry about her, and that she would stay inside where it was safe and sound.

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Lost Lass

Behind the scenesEdit

Gwennie's last name is presumably Kavanagh though it's not officially mentioned in the game.

Gwennie is a name that can be short for Gwendoline or Gwendolyn. Gwendoline was a character in Andrew Lang's The Princess Nobody: A Tale of Fairyland.

It's not quite clear in the game why her brother was entering the DOD or trying to get to the Swamp before the tempest/cataclysm hit. Perhaps he knew ahead of time that it was going to hit, but it doesn't really explain his actions beyond that. The closest the game comes to explain it, is that he apparently saw the storm clouds coming, and seemed to have tried to escape by going into the underworld.

Another Gwen appears in the reboot universe, see Gwendolyn.

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