Guards are the common defense in many castles throughout the world of Daventry...


Daventry's Castle Guard makes up one portion of Daventry's army. Roderick was the Captain of the Guard, and Smith was a Sargeant of Daventry. Daventry's gate guards are stone-faced and trained not to converse with anybody, except when they are commanded to greet someone and send them to the throne. The Castle Guard may include knights or soldiers of the kingdom.

In KQ8 two guards are seen, one inside of Castle Daventry next to the Soldier, and one standing in one of the crossroads in Daventry town in Connor's community. During the era of KQ1 many of the castle guards wielded spears. Many also carried spears during the events of SNW.[1] During the Floating Castle many utilized halberds or short swords.[2] At the era of KQ8, Guards wield crossbows, that were no match for the tempest. The castle soldiers wield swords.

In the Green Isles, the Guard Dogs are the guards of choice, they are lead by Saladin, their Captain of the Guard.

Some of the guards are also members of Daventry's knighthood.

Daventry's GuardEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

In KQ8, the guard characters are listed as 'guard' when struck while in the debug mode.

The new series introduces the Royal Guard which more or less replace the Castle Guard seen in previous games and novels.


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