Gryphs are avian creatures from the Frozen Reaches. They are ruled by King Gryph.


The gryphs are winged creatures of the Frozen Reaches. They’re smart, fast, and well-equipped. It’s best to just avoid these guys if one can.

Since quite a while before the cataclysm, they have been constantly fighting the ice orcs. This race seems to have much attention toward war, as they are heavily equipped with armor and weapons. At the time of the cataclysm, the ice orcs who now served Lucreto took capture of the Gryphs king and imprisoned him within their Mountain Citadel. The Gryphs were lost without their king and chaos ensued. Some Gryphs even went as far as terrorizing the Snow Nymphs. Many would kill anything on sight. When Connor first arrived, a Gryph was holding a Snow Nymph captive and then tried killing Connor but was killed instead. Once Connor freed King Gryph and defeated the ice orcs though, the Gryphs were now back in order and thanked him.

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