Grovernor, the Sense Gnome of Sound

Grovernor is the Sense Gnome of Sound. He has oversized ears, which allow him to hear better than others. Alexander fools him by playing a Mechanical nightingale. Strangely, Grovernor does not hear Alexander wind the nightingale.

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Sense Gnome of Sound
  • Sound Gnome (or Hearing gnome)
  • Guardian


  • "My ears can't miss that strong heartbeat! A man it is! A man, we greet!"
  • "My ears can hear nothing so clear as the sound of a man standing here!"
  • "A flute, it's true, is a harmless thing. But the man who blows it...there's the sting."
  • "A nose is not a way to spy. My ears cannot be told a lie. A nightingale is all there be. No man is near, and so say me."
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