The great countries are countries in the world of Daventry that take up large portions of the world's continents (or at least important by other means). They make up the major locations of the Known World.


Throughout Daventry's history there has been four or five great countries at any one time.

At one time, for several years, the land of Serenia was largely missing, the great Wizard Harlin's magic had divided most of Serenia to the North beyond the Unknown, and he had created an ocean in between, leaving only the smaller continent of Daventry, at that point of time there was exactly four great countries on the world (including the kingdom of Daventry, Kolyma, Llewdor, and Tamir).[1] While their technically had been remnants of Serenia on the northern edge of Daventry (village of Serenia) it was not considered one of the 'great countries' at the time. Alexander landed on the northern shore of the continent of Daventry on his return from Llewdor.[2]

The universe of Daventry is divided into many parts. How many, may never be known, for the world (and its people) is always reinventing itself, and today's count of the number of realms, kingdoms, and deserts, and islands, and mountains to hold the sky will be different tomorrow. It is different again the day after tomorrow, and again the day after that, and again, and again. Today's fact is tomorrow's anachronism. In a world of magic and wonders, all is possible if not inevitable.

This may also be the the Lands mentioned in The Royal Family: A Celebration.

The great countries were first mentioned in Derek Karlavaegen's second and updated set of documents sent to the Other World just after Graham returned to Daventry after defeating Mordack. Previously he stated (several months after Rosella's journey in Tamir); "All of my universe is divided into four parts." (in reference to Daventry, Kolyma, Llewdor, and Tamir), and he did not mention the lesser countries (except for perhaps indirectly when he mentions that walls were setup to prevent the three-headed dragon from marauding the entire continent) of the world for whatever reasons (though other writers of the time do discuss some of these countries[3]).

Great countriesEdit

Notes Edit

  • Daventry's size and shape changes over time but its generally considered the largest and greatest country of the world.
  • Serenia is generally considered the second greatest country in the world (when it exists, or isn't divided into two smaller landmasses).


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