The Great Gods (aka great gods) are entities of the world of Daventry with ties to nature.


They are worshiped by the Druids of the Isle of Mists along with nature. This worship allows them the power to control weather and storms around the Green Isles.

Mother Earth is one of the specific deities worshiped by the Druids.

Thor is said to be one of the 'great gods'. His power is also connected to the power of weather, storms, and thunder. The Druids are apparently tapping their powers from Thor, the great god of storms.

Cthulhu may be the great god of the seas.

These maybe the gods who cursed Samhain to be the Lord of the Dead.

"Great gods" can be used as a mild explicative too.

Behind the scenesEdit

In romantic druid mythology and other pagan traditions the Oak Tree is sometimes seen as the symbol of Thor.[1] In KQ6 the Druids worship the great gods of which Thor is a member. They control weather, storms, and thunder around the islands (hence why they believed Alexander to be a great weather-wizard), and their most valuable treasure is the Sacred Oak (the symbol of Thor). The island flora consists of mostly moss-laden oak.


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