Graveyards are places where the dead are buried. Graveyards are not common in the world of Daventry. They are creepy even in the harshest light of day.[1]


Graveyards are from from common anywhere in the world of Daventry. Cemeteries change much when the sun is gone; what seems normal and mundane by day turns supernatural and ghastly by night. Then the restless dead haunt between the crypts and moan their ways between the tombstones. Zombies search for fresh flesh and human brains. In all, it is a most enchanting chance to experience death without having to cross over to the other side oneself.

The graveyard in east-central Tamir is extensive and full of authentic atmosphere and is worth a detour for any traveler. It is recommended that one bring along food and drink, wear sturdy walking shoes, and be prepared to spend the day. For hardier souls, especially those with a taste for being frightened, be prepared to spend the night.

Those who are intrigued by a darkside sojourn, remember to carry along some protection; garlic, religious symbols, black scarabs, or prayers offer good security for many. It is warned that one does not enter a cemetery at night without protection. Zombies, ghouls, and ghosts may be fun and exciting to watch, but one wouldn't want to become their dinner. For those who have no protection, they must leave before dark. [2]



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