Graham is a character who first appeared in the King's Quest games, and also appears in the tie-in novels from the mid-90s.

While largely intended to be a continuation and extension to the King's Quest universe of the games according to the advertising, there is a number of ways in which the series deviates from the lore from the games or the The King's Quest Companion history for the character (see BB universe). This article focuses more on the context presented in the novels only (some of this material is still included in the main 'Graham' article, but instead in the context of the series as a whole, and the original games).


Graham was not born a noble (or royality), he had not been born to the velvet of a king's station. He had been born a nobody.[1][2][3] He was a commoner or peasant, trained up to be a knight. Nor was he ever trained in the proper ways of courtly manner or etiquette.

Graham traveled much in his youth, learning that the world was far wider than any single small kingdom.[4]

Not long after coming to Daventry to be one of Edward's knights. Being a first generation immigrant, Graham did not stretch far back into the roots of the land.[5]

A wicked sorcerer had used his cunning to cheat King Edward of the magic mirror on that fateful day many years past, with dire consequences for the realm. Graham finally recovered the mirror from the sorcerer's dark lair, and returned it Castle Daventry, where it remained ever since on the wall next to the throne.[6]

When Edward died, he passed the realm over to the young knight Graham.

Not long into Graham's reign his own son, Alexander had been kidnapped while no more than an infant. Over the next decade, with the years that had passed since his son's disappearance, the pain of his loss did not come as often. Days went by in which Graham thought of Alexander not at all--which only compounded his loss with guilt. Sometimes something would stir his memories, bringing a sharp twinge of sadness through Graham.

Personality and traitsEdit

Graham had no authority beyond the limits of the fields, and no desire to rule more. The Old Woods lay at the boundary of his Kingdom.

Graham has blue eyes, short blond or brown hair[7], mixed with gray, and a short beard.[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Graham as he appears in the novels lives in a version of Daventry that is sort of a combination of Daventry from the original AGI KQ1 (KQ2 and KQ3), as well as the Daventry from KQ1 SCI. As such there are moat monsters (as per KQ1 SCI) but castle is a mix of both versions of the game. This doesn't have much impact on Graham's character per se, it just changes certain aspects of his setting compared how it appears in the original King's Quest trilogy and the King's Quest Companion.

In addition the kingdom is portrayed as a very small kingdom, compared to the 'great kingdom' as it appears in other sources. With his rule limited to 'the fields' between the Old Woods (with the exception of some towns or villages beyond the woods, and one near the sea), in the games he rules over even the woods of his kingdom.

A number of times, both Rosella and Graham compare Graham as a nobody, and against 'nobility' to point out that he is a commoner, who was given the position of king.


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