Graham is the narrator and the main player character in the King's Quest reboot. He is the husband of Valanice (either Vee or Neese), and father to a son and daughter, Alexander and Rosella. He is based off the original Graham from the classic series.

This article discusses the alternate reimagined history (for the character, and specifically the various choice, events, and situations Graham is able to experience through decisions that follow the Bravery, Wisdom, and Compassion virtue paths (as well any differences introduced by his reimagined backstory). See also KQGS timeline.

Graham is not a native of Daventry, but in his teens immigrated there from the far away northern land of Llewdor[2] to become a new knight of Daventry and Royal Guard.[3]

There are three main versions of Graham's story based on choices made (Graham (Bravery), Graham (Wisdom), and Graham (Compassion)), and each of those divide along two paths based on chosen wife which ultimately get reflected in the Tapestry of Time.

Background Edit

Graham grew up outside of Daventry[4] in the far north[5], in the land of Llewdor[6][7]. His father was a knight, and his grandfather was a knight, and his great-grandfather was a dentist, his great-great-grand father was a knight. He comes from a long line of nobles and one dentist known for protecting crowns[8] Ever since he was a child he used to read about the kingdom of Daventry in his guide books, and wanted to visit its famous land marks. His second dream was to become a knight. He lived with his mother. He and his sisters were animal people. They owned two pet jinxes, a circus of weevils, were-hogs, and a miniature chimera. He had no friends other than his pet gerbil Triumph the Third which he saw as human.

He started looking for knight jobs while he was still in Knight School (KQGS) the academy where he majored in All Things Adventuring and minored in Creative Costuming and created his own uniforms. It was there where he studied to be a knight, but once he graduated all the opportunities dried up. Daventry was his last shot. His mother designed his cape, putting all kinds of pockets in it to hold things. She gave him the feather he kept in his favorite blue Adventurer's Cap, and also made his favorite choco-chip pancakes, and custard pies.

A Knight to RememberEdit

During his teens (age 16) he learned of a Knight Audition in Daventry in a brochure, and decided to travel there to take part in it. Finishing his choco-chip pancake breakfast his mother prepared for him, he left his mother behind. Reaching Daventry the same day (or a few days later), he had nothing but trouble from the first few minutes he had been in the Kingdom for the first time.

Graham missed the Parade of Hopeful Knights, but caught up with the knights near the Tournament Theatre. He discovered that the challengers were stuck and couldn't reach the theatre due to a missing bridge. Graham 'assisted' each knight with a way to cross the river, finally coming across one final method, using his wits. He made his own raft, and rowed across the river. One of the knights, a small individual named Manny, found a path to simply walk across the river, congratulated Graham on his abilities, and offered to become his friend, and work together towards winning the tournament.

Graham made it in time for the Tournament intro ceremony, and after learning about his fellow knights, the Tournament began. Graham was tasked with finding the eye of a hideous beast as the first challenge before they could start on the tournament (Graham had several options to choose from). Graham also discovered the Forest Well following foreigner knight Achaka into it *he may have been told to look for the missing knight). While Graham caused problems for the knight including waking it up from its slumber, Achaka and Graham soon learned to help each other despite not understanding each other's language, and Achaka even taught Graham how to use a bow and arrow.

Both finally reached the Dragon's resting spot and Achaka attempted to defeat it. Unfortunately the dragon awoke Graham was able to escape (possibly with one of the dragon's eyes), but while attempting to defend himself the Achaka was killed in a fiery blast. It was an event that would forever have an impact on his life. Afterwords he met Manny who told him that Achaka respected him, and wanted him to continue in the tournament.

Next Graham found a way to beat Acorn in the Duel of Strength, and Whisper in the Duel of Speed guaranteeing him a place in the final challenge the Duel of Wits, where he could win a chance to become not only a knight, but also the potential heir to the kingdom.

After successfully defeating Manny and winning the final competition, it turned out, that it had been a ploy by Manny to become the next king. But after being revealed, and having the citizens turn on him, he escaped. Soon after, Graham joined Daventry's army. Early on he helped push the Wedzel Wolves back north to Serenia, and even helped restore trade, and the flow of gold to the weakening nation. Not only had he won an opportunity to become a knight of Daventry, he also won the oppertunity to become the next heir. His father could not be less proud when he learned of King Edward's decision.

In his twenties (now 21), after becoming the 'greatest knight in all of Daventry', he was sent on his last major quest by King Edward to find the kingdom's stolen Magic Mirror (KQGS), the mirror that could forsee and warn of danger in the land, and tell the stories of the past. Along the way, he solved the 'impossible riddle', climbed a beanstock, played a jig for the leprechauns, and even had a mushroom that made him shrink. He was able to recover the kingdom's other lost treasures, including a magic shield and a magic chest filled with gold.

Graham had looked everywhere in the kingdom for the mirror, but it was in the last place he had to look. He entered the Forest Well which he hadn't visited since the loss of Achaka, and found that Bed Caves had changed since he last been there. Old passages had collasped, and new passages could be accessed with the help of rickety bridges made out of Beds and mattresses. Graham discovered evidence of evil wizard, which controlled the Well Dragon, the large dragon he had encountered when he first came to Daventry.

After a series of adventures avoiding the dragon, obtaining the mirror, a raft ride on a mattress in an underground river, chased by the Dragon, Graham made his escape with the mirror back to the entrance to the well. Just before he climbed out, Graham made an important choice on how to defeat/escape the dragon, which had an impact later in his life.

Rubble Without a CauseEdit

Not long after becoming the new king, the kingdom was at war with the Stone Goblins who were stealing stuff and kidnapping subjects in the Northwestern region of the kingdom. An inexperienced Graham found himself kidnapped by the Goblins after he left the safety of his castle, to visit his subjects in the small village in the region.

Weakened, and trapped for days or weeks he was forced to live off cold porridge piped into his cell. But after a while even that food ran out. Soon after he was let out of his cell, and enslaved by the Goblins who made him do chores for them. Graham discovered other fellow citizens of Daventry who had been kidnapped, and were near starvation.

Finally helping as many prisoners as possible he frees one of them, and they help him escape the prison and reach the Goblin Castle, where Graham encounters the Goblin King, and convinces him to free all the prisoners, and let them return to Daventry.

Once Upon A ClimbEdit

In his 30s (some 8-9 years later)[9], after the events of the second chapter, King Graham, traveled far to Kolyma looking to save a princess from a tower to be his queen. He makes a long trek to get to the tower. No matter how far along the path Graham travels, the tower still looms in the distance, seemingly not changing in size.

Graham eventually gets to the tower with his future queen in it, only to find two women waiting for him. Not only that, Graham now finds himself stuck at the top of the tower with both of them.

Graham, during his attempt to escape gains affinity with one of the princesses until finally deciding on asking one to join him as the queen of Daventry. Along the way, he explores the awkwardness of love and dating while attempting to gain freedom from the evil witch Hagatha.

Snow Place Like HomeEdit

Not more than a year or two later, Graham had married his bride and they became the parents of two lovely twins. Not long after Manny, now revealing his true name Manannan (KQGS), reappeared at the castle. He burst into the castle keep killing or incapacitating several of the guards, and bursting into the King and Queen's bedroom where the twins were also being kept. Graham had already jumped out of bed to try to protect the twins but was magically stopped. He and his wife were magically bound to their bed, while Manannan explained his reasons for being there, and kidnapped Alexander, renaming Gwydion before leaving.

Graham searched around Daventry and sent out messages to friends to look for his kidnapped son, but never heard a thing. He searched the goblin holes, finding an entrance to the Well Bedroom, where he found a piece of cloth from Alexander's blanket but not much else.

For 18 years Graham never stopped looking for his son, but the everyday work of castle life began to take much of his time, in signing addendums and laws. The kingdom remained peaceful during the period, and Graham went on many adventures with his daughter.

Not long after Rosella's 18th birthday, while they were working on law paperwork, and thinking about having a winter holiday vacation, while taking a break to have a staring contest with his daughter, Alexander bust through the doorway of the Great Hall, announcing his return from Llewdor. Graham remembered him instantly calling out Alexander, while the boy announced himself as Gwydion. The family was overjoyed to see each other, and decided to take that vacation. They traveled to the location where Valanice's long-time childhood had last been seen, only to discover that the region had been frozen over.

The Good KnightEdit

Many years later (some thirty years later, Graham is between 70s and 80s), he attempts to find an adventure in his old age, not wanting to sit around. Despite having some small adventures such as putting out fires and saving treasures, a huge fire suddenly erupts in the village. Once Graham rushes back home, he learn that Manannan had created the fire, in order to lure him out for one final test of wits.

Once Graham finds the keys to go into Manannan's lair, he has flashbacks on various parts of the older games. Finally, he confronts Manannan, where they have a final game of wits, through five different tests. Both Graham and Manannan complete each of the five tests, resulting in Manannan to give Graham an option of two goblets: one contained a harmless liquid, while the other contains an irreversible elixir that would destroy anything from the inside out. Despite Graham successfully choosing the harmless drink, Manannan pours the liquid over the kingdom of Daventry through a portal. In order to save the kingdom he had created, Graham was forced in a split second decision to place his hand over the elixir, sacrificing himself for the kingdom. In anger, Manannan begins to torture Graham, causing Mordack/Mordon to realize that Graham had saved him from goblin abuse, not Manannan. In anger at Graham's torture, Mordack/Mordon crushes the crystal keeping Manannan alive, defeating him once and for all. The story then switches to present day, with Gwendolyn telling her grandfather his final adventure one last time. Graham then sees Achaka one last time, and knew it was time to have his true final adventure.


An aging King Graham (said to be in his 90s) reflects on his life of adventure with his granddaughter Gwendonlyn, after she comes to visit Daventry over the Summer (or early Fall, see Seasons (KQGS)).

Graham first tells her the story of his quest to find the Magic Mirror of Daventry, and how he earned the kingdom by rescuing it. After a reunion with her cousin Gart, she learns that Graham was being treated by doctors, wizards and magic elves, and was expected to have a few years left. She also learns that both have signed up for a jousting tournament.

She brings Graham's medicine to him, and asks him for advice, he tells her the best way to do that would be through a story. She asks for a story with more Dragons, and Graham decided to tell her the story of how he came to Daventry and became a knight, and his own tournament he attended. What she learns from the story is applicable to the tournament and Graham's advice helps her win. As this happens the guards call the children into the castle as there had been an accident and Graham had fallen, and broken his arm.

A few days after the tournament and his tuble, Graham is up late, thinking about his first duties after becoming King of Daventry, as he looks over kingdom's lawbooks, researching Addendum 48677. He accidently knocks the book off his side table, while putting it down, and gets angry and knocks his medicine supply all over the floor. He notices Gwendolyn outside his door, who had been startled by the storm, and his temper, comes in to join him. Graham decides to tell her a story about 'fear and anxieting' and coming to face it. He continues the story of how he and many of the people of his kingdom were kidnapped not long after he became king.

Some, weeks later (in The Good Knight), Graham tells Gwendolyn the mysterious cause of his death, which can't he healed by any means. He starts off by telling her his final adventure (roughly 1-10 years before his death).

After Graham tells Gwendolyn the final chapter of his life, she and Gart have one final moment before finally leaving their grandfather. Despite coming to terms with his death, Gwendolyn wakes with a start, and slowly walks to his room, looking at the different banners (Tapestry of Time) that had been placed for him (reflecting on the choices you made during his life). Finally, Gwendolyn comes to his room to see that Graham was gone, and instead was a note, telling her to live off her legacy, not his. After looking at different things in Graham's room, Gwendolyn sees her own future in the magic mirror, grabbing Graham's adventuring cap as she rushes off to start her own adventures.


Inexplicably Graham reappears in the epilogue, and now Gwendolyn is the one telling the stories to her Grandfather.[10]

Personality and traitsEdit

Graham has blue eyes similar to his appearance in KQ4 and KQ1 SMS, or his single description in Kingdom of Sorrow novel, or the eye icons in KQ5 on PC.

While other knights returned from their quests trailing bloody victories behind them, Graham returned with friendly dragons and yeti companions.[11]

Graham was a bit of a "mommy's boy" in his youth.

Graham likes to pun a lot. He also doesn't know how to swim (and apparently never did learn to swim[12]). Despite his inability to swim he wished he could Neptune's Kingdom (KQGS) once in his life, but never got the chance before he died.  Growing up outside of Daventry, Graham heard many tales were shared about the world around his family. Some real, some legend, and others purely superstition.

Grahams character is influenced by many many choices either Bravery, Compassion, or Wisdom (or the mix of all three).

Honesty is not one of Graham's virtues and he willingly lies to others sometimes to hide his thefts and kleptomania, and embellish his stories, or his background. He is even capable of cheating (though he does put the blame on that at Manny being a bad influence).

Graham can be a bit naive and gullible at times, and even a tad neurotic and exciteable. He is a bit geeky. His favorite jelly beans are popcorn.

While scrawny in his youth, by his 30s he bulked out, albeit still lanky with an exceptionally long neck, arms and legs. By his 50s he's still pretty strong, but has let his gut out a bit.

Graham had much interest in magic as a youth, and was even a fairly competent spell caster if needed to be. In fact he has much latent magical ability residing inside of him, but he never actually took the time to foster. After the kidnapping of his son, he began to shun magical altogether, in particular the 'snapping' required in certain magical spells. But after his son's return who saw Graham's potential, and with his help he was teech him how to cast the Fireball spell, that the prince had previously learned from the The Sorcery of Old (KQGS).

Graham maybe able to speak to animals or understand them, or at least knows the language of certain civilized animal-like races. He appears to know the Squirrel (KQGS) races language (but they are an actual civilization and not just animals). He may know the language of the Gerbils, as evidenced by his speaking to Triumph. However, he may just be monologuing to himself, and speaking to animals like the average pet owner does, while imagining what the pet's reply would be if it could actually answer back. He also attempts to speak to birds, rabbits, and other animals, but they seem to act indifferent to him, and there is no evidence of them 'answering back'. Graham does show interest in magic of "understanding language of creatures" which seems to suggest that his knowledge of animal languages is limited, and that he wish he knew more.

In his old age, Graham suffers extreme dementia, and its affecting his personality, and it gets worse as the days pass, as he forgets details to his stories (memory loss), loses motor control (bedridden), sleep deprivation (insomnia, staying up late into the night), depression, irritable outbursts to his family, and starts to hallucinate (see ghosts), and fearful pleading. As well as going through the stages of grief as he comes to terms with his imminent death.[13][14][15][16]

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Old King Graham
  • Young Graham
  • Grandpa Graham
  • Graham of Llewdor
  • Representative of Llewdor[17]
  • Sir Graham
  • Graham the Squire
  • Graham the Wise/King Graham the Wise/The Wise
  • Graham the Brave/King Graham the Brave
  • Graham the Soft of Heart
  • Graham the Compassionate/King Graham the Compassionate
  • King Graham the Imbecile
  • King
  • King of Daventry
  • King Graham
  • Buttercup
  • String Bean
  • Honey Bee/Bridge Bee/Bee
  • Bandi/Bandicoot/Bridge Bandicoot
  • King Honeybee
  • King Bandicoot
  • King Goosey
  • Mister Bandi
  • Bridge Troll
  • Goose/Goosey/Bridge Goose
  • Pockets
  • Twinkletoes
  • Skinny Jeans/Skinny Pants
  • Skinny Teenager
  • Little Feather
  • King Boy
  • Sire
  • Your Highness
  • Your Majesty
  • Kingly One
  • Princess Graham
  • Grahammy
  • Moron
  • Muscles
  • Logic Lad
  • Mr. Majesty
  • Good Knight
  • Mister One Shiney Gold Coin
  • Royal Assistant to the King/Royal Assistant
  • Dad/Daddy/Padre/Father/Pops
  • Pestering Padre
  • Grandfather/Grandpa/Grampa
  • Dueling Archer
  • Monologuing Archer
  • Grandpa Ghost
  • Pun King
  • Graham Cracker - Graham's last name is claimed to be Cracker as per the original series (and in other Sierra material), but in Daventry he is never allowed to actually say it. "My name is Graham, last name Cr-" This is a nod back to his full name according to KQ2 ("What is Graham's last name? Cracker", an Easter egg), KQ2 Hintbook, the King's Quest Companion and also nodded to in KQ1SCI, and Quest for Glory I. For more info, see below.

Whisper misnamingEdit

  • Germaine
  • Gale
  • Gaston
  • Gerry
  • Geraldine
  • Giorgio
  • Gideon
  • Gordon
  • Geoffrey
  • Gob
  • Garret
  • Grant
  • Gabe
  • Greg

See also Edit

Choice DetailsEdit

Chapter I: A Knight to RememberEdit


  • Shoot the dragon in the eye (Bravery).
  • Free it by hitting the chain (Compassion)
  • Distract it by hitting the bell (Wisdom).

How to win a duelEdit

  • A deft maneuver (Bravery).
  • A quick-witted distraction (Wisdom).
  • An act of kindness even in victory (Compassion).

Choose a wheelEdit

  • Bread (with tip) (Compassion)
  • Bread (no tip, classified as theft) (Compassion)
  • Shield (with tip) (Bravery)
  • shield (no tip, classified as theft) (Bravery)
  • Table top (with tip) (Wisdom)
  • Table top (no tip, classified as theft) (Wisdom)

Choose where to give a tipEdit

see above choice for other versions
  • Bakery (no wheel)
  • Alchemist Shop (no wheel)
  • Blacksmith (no wheel)

Wheel theft- Amaya

  • Apologize (unlocks door).
  • Nope.
  • Blame Guards.

Wheel theft- Wente

  • Apologize (unlocks door).
  • Nope.
  • Blame the Squirrels.

Wheel theft- Hobblepots.

  • Apologize (unlocks door).
  • Nope.
  • Blame the Merchant.

Befriend OlfieEdit

  • Threaten Olfie (or back off, which you have two chances to do depending on how you respond to Olfie, which remove it from your choices) (Bravery)
  • Impersonate a troll (or mess up, which removes it from your choices) (Wisdom)
  • Offer to feed him (Compassion).

Extentuating CircumstancesEdit

  • I didn't hear about the date change
  • My mom wouldn't let me leave before I finished breakfast
  • I don't know what extenuating means

Amaya's ApprenticeEdit

  • Become apprentice
  • Refuse
  • Think about it

Defeat goblinsEdit

  • Kill goblins (Shoot twice).
  • Disarm goblins (Shoot once).

Wedzel wolvesEdit

  • Keep gate closed, and get Wedzel Wolf Patch
  • Leave gate open twice (no patch for Graham)

Merchant of MiraclesEdit

  • Buy ticket (different ways to get it- either buy it straight away or ask about the price)
  • Don't buy ticket
  • Save Merchant from goblins
  • Let Merchant be kidnapped

Dragon's EyeEdit

  • Have Achaka shoot the dragon (get eye)
  • Stop Achaka


  • Knock down bee hive on table (Wente stung)
  • Get rid of beehive (two solutions- either grab it with the fruit picker on the tree or on the table)
  • Leave beehive alone in tree.

Achaka and DragonEdit

  • Go during hideous eye quest (Bravery)
  • Go after hideous eye competition (Wisdom/Compassion)

Hideous EyeEdit

Bravery PathEdit
  • Choose Dragon's eye (choose Affa Nata)
  • Get alternative eye from Manny (choose Stalama)
Wisdom pathEdit
  • Substitute purple pumpkin lantern for Snarling Snarlax eye.
Compassion pathEdit
  • Give pie to Olfie

Pillare's mouthpieceEdit

  • Use Snoozing Leaf
  • Use Hypnosis Powder

Duel WitsEdit

  • Don't cheat
  • Cheat

Defeat MannyEdit

  • Twisty Dagger (Bravery)
  • Bird Bombs (Wisdom)
  • Custard Pie (Compassion)

The BoulderEdit

  • Have Acorn push boulder (if the Duel of Strength is completed second).
  • Have Amaya destroy boulder with Crumbler.

Save TriumphEdit

  • Acorn helps (if the Duel of Strength is completed first).
  • Have Amaya cut down tree.

Chapter II: Rubble Without A CauseEdit

Kingly ChoicesEdit

Uniform ColorsEdit
  • Sunset Scarlet
  • Crimson Colada
Foot RubEdit
  • Light.
  • Deep.
  • Sole.

Goblin invasion strategy

  • Set traps (Wisdom).
  • Send infantry (Brave).
  • Seek audience with their king (Compassion).
Opposite Day DecreeEdit
  • Good.
  • Wonderful.
  • I approve.
  • Fantastic.

Music Night, Madeleine's Court, Who deals with goblins, Wearing crown

  • No, no, Acorn, no.
  • Not tonight, reschedule, Whisper, never again.
  • Myself, and no to the rest of you.
  • Two nopes, Mr. Fancycakes, no.

Distressing Questions 1- Uniform color

  • Scarlet Sunset.
  • Crimson Colada.

Distressing Questions 2- Next Addendum to enact

  • 495093.
  • 543.
  • 4295.
  • 94.

Distressing Questions 3- Goblin strategy is failing

  • Stay the course.
  • Don't stay the course.
  • Can we talk outside?

Distressing Questions 4- Ice Cream For Breakfast Day observation

  • Yes, choco-chip please.
  • No, not after the Rubenstern Fiasco.
  • I thought it passed already.
  • We don't have the budget for it this year.

Distressing Questions 5- Reordering Dinner

  • Never-ending beef stew.
  • Roast fowl, with cactus juice.
  • Smooth-rounded-stone-of-an-unusual-color soup.
  • I'll fast, it's belly day.

Distressing Questions 6- Socks for Steeds

  • Great idea, let's not stirrup emotions.
  • We can't afford that, hate to be a neigh-sayer.
  • Let's keep relations stable.
  • Harness Acorn's creativity.


  • Save Mr. Fancycakes
  • Save Bramble Fey.


  • Give Frog to Hobblepots (as food for two hearts, Chester remembers eye of a fly).
  • Leg of meat can be used to feed self (gives one strength), giant rat (just once), or any of the prisoners (Amaya, the Hobblepots, or the Feys, gives two hearts).
  • Branberry porridge (four hearts to any prisoner, one strength for self).
  • Sweetcake (two hearts to any prisoner, one strength for self)

Amaya's Guards

  • Right Guard has a Coin.
  • Left Guard has a Key.
  • Last Guard is taken out by Meat.
  • Last Guard is taken out by Poisoned Sweetycake.

Escape Companion

  • Amaya (Bravery)
  • Bramble (Compassion)
  • Chester (Wisdom)

Graham's Story- Protagonist

  • Sweet goblin (Compassion).
  • Strong goblin (Bravery).
  • Wise goblin (Wisdom).

Graham's Story- Deeds

  • Outsmarted a griffin.
  • Jump kicked a serpent lord.
  • Bear-hugged a basilisk.

Graham's Story- Friends

  • Heart.
  • Wisdom.
  • Courage.

Graham's Story- Rulership Page

  • Page of Heart (Compassion).
  • Page of Bravery (Bravery).
  • Page of Mind (Wisdom).

Chapter 3 Once Upon a Climb Edit

Dinner Guest

  • Picture of Amaya
  • Picture of Chester
  • Picture of Bramble

Retrieving the Vase

  • Vee’s Spear
  • Neese's Acorn.

Reaction to Hagatha

  • Delighted to meet you
  • Tease her

First Impression Conversation- Vee first

  • Brave (Bravery)
  • Compassionate (Compassion)
  • Wise (Wisdom)
  • Do you come here often?
  • Where are you originally from?
  • What did you study in school?
  • Eastern or Western Kolma politics?
  • What's your family like?
  • Do you worship the Shining Stars or the Corn Grass?
  • Whom do you admire most?
  • Why are you still single?
  • What are your ex-suitors like?
  • Tell me about your best friend?
  • What was it like growing up wealthy?

First Impression Conversation- Vee second.

  • Brave (Bravery)
  • Compassionate (Compassion)
  • Wise (Wisdom)
  • A magic mirror sent me to find my wife
  • I also was trying to beat the record (30 seconds, 15 seconds, Half your time, Just kidding)

First Impression Conversation- Neese first

  • Brave (Bravery)
  • Compassionate (Compassion)
  • Wise (Wisdom)
  • Do you come here often?
  • Where are you originally from?
  • What did you study in school?
  • Eastern or Western Kolma politics?
  • What's your family like?
  • Do you worship the Shining Stars or the Corn Grass?
  • What's your favorite jellybean?
  • Why are you still single?
  • What are your ex-suitors like?
  • Tell me about your best friend?
  • Was it difficult growing up poor?

First Impression Conversation- Neese second.

  • Brave (Bravery)
  • Compassionate (Compassion)
  • Wise (Wisdom)
  • A magic mirror sent me to find my wife
  • I also was looking for majestic unicorns

Love Advice- Bramble

  • A good relationship with family
  • Honesty
  • Affectionate
  • Wit
  • Sweet
  • Savory

Love Advice- Amaya

  • Messy
  • Critical
  • Clumsy
  • Challenging

Love Advice- Acorn

  • Climbing trees
  • Playing games
  • Difficult tricks
  • Chirping songs
  • Lightning bolt
  • Quick and nimble
  • Calm
  • Slow as molasses
  • Gets along with kids
  • Protective
  • Affectionate
  • Loyal

Queen Valanice Edit

Depending on who you want to be Graham’s Wife, choices here determine to both choosing one of them to marry you and becoming the perfect royal couple. To determine which princess you’ll marry is based on who you go to first doing favours for or to talk.

Who ever you do the most favours for will be your wife, and to become a perfect couple you would need to impress them with things they like when going on the mini adventures with them. By proving your smarts and common sense for Vee and or being adventurous and fun for Neese.

Princess Vee of Eastern Kolyma Edit

  • Proposing to Vee first
  • Saving Vee’s green trunk
  • Help put all of Vee’s belongings away
  • Using her spear to retrieve the vase
  • Talking to Vee first while cleaning up
  • Be truthful to Vee
  • Win with Vee in a game of Moral Quarrel
  • Choose the matching options in the love advice scene
  • Give the gift from town to Vee
  • Dance with her
  • Choose a wise soul
  • Remember how you handled Hornswoggle properly
  • Solve the bridge puzzle with the gears
  • Provide a good shooting match by following her instructions

Princess Neese of Western Kolyma Edit

  • Proposing to Neese first
  • Saving Neese’s purple pot
  • Help put all of Neese’s belongings away
  • Using an acorn to give to a squirrel to retrieve the vase
  • Talking to Neese first while cleaning up
  • Be truthful to Neese
  • Win with Neese in a game of Moral Quarrel
  • Choose the matching options in the love advice scene
  • Give the gift from town to Neese
  • Dance with her
  • Choose a compassionate soul
  • Clear all thorns during the fall down the hill
  • Spare the wolf during the confrontation
  • Give her the rose

Chapter 4 Snow Place Like Home Edit

Chapter 5 The Good Knight Edit

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Llewdor homelandEdit

It's a point of contention among some fans as to the location of Graham's homeland, where he grew up. Fans have their own views, and Activision and The Odd Gentlemen didn't help by forcing a story detail in Chapter 1 in which Graham either claims he's from Llewdor to Olfie (lieing or half-truths depending on fans point of views), or not (other choices he doesn't mention anything about his homeland to the trolls, all depending on the characters' choices. As well as Waddles claiming he is a 'representative from Llewdor no matter what choices the player made, or claims the player made to the trolls. Further more Activision claims that Graham is from Llewdor in their story FAQ for the game.

Graham's homeland begins fairly murky in Chapter 1 (other than one or two lines in which he is claimed to be from Llewdor).

In Chapter 1, Graham at first mentions that he is not from Daventry, and grew up somewhere outside of Daventry. This is similarly repeated in Chapter 2, and Chapter 3. This differs from the backstory given in classic King's Quest material which had him growing up as a child in Daventry (but somewhat closer to the account in the KQ novels).

The Merchant of Miracles states he's just a boy, and doens't know where he is from, but its probably hard to pronounce", another indication he's from outside Daventry, however he's clearly meant to be joking (it's likely a reference to how several KQ games take place in lands that get mispronounced by players and voice actors alike, Llewdor included). The people of Daventry and fellow knights do not seem to know who he is, another indication that he has come to Daventry from a far away land.[18] Graham also says it was his 'first day in Daventry' which also support this as well. He states in Chapter three that he wasn't originally from Daventry but is a transplant from a land in the far north.

In Chapter 1 depending on the player's choices, Graham can claim he's from Llewdor to the trolls when he first initially encounters Olfie (but he maybe is lying at this point, or at least partially lying, as he claims to know the native troll dance of Llewdor). However, if you take one of the other conversation choices, Olfie will never 'find out' about Graham's 'homeland' from this method (and yet still indicate that Graham is from Llewdor).

The fact remains that no matter what you choose when talking to Olfie (and Olfie doesn't learn about "Llewdor" from you), Waddles and Pillare will still peg Graham as having come from Llewdor (perhaps indicating that they have figured it out by some other means: again perhaps clothing, his dance style, accent, the use of 'bells' or whatever).

The Activision website further states that Graham is from Llewdor, and explains that Waddles had learned about this and figured this out from his resourcefulness and the 'news' spreading about Graham.

11. Waddles the Bridge Troll is calling me the “Representative of Lwedor” even though he shouldn’t be aware of this title. Is there something wrong?
No. Waddles is just very resourceful and plugged into the news.

Which still states the idea that Graham is from "Llewdor/Lwedor".

In Chapter 1, Graham also mentions that he was with his mother that morning, which seems to indicate that Daventry is within a half-day's journey of his homeland (Llewdor is also within a half-day to day journey from Daventry in KQ3, and some of the spinoff material, so Llewdor could still be a possibility, however it's also seemingly disputed as Amaya has also lived in Llewdor, and Graham surprisingly has no reaction to learning this (although he may have already figured it out in the same way Waddle's did (perhaps due to clothing style, accent, or other indicators), see below, so it wouldn't be much of a surprise to him, but the fact that he has no reaction is odd). Likewise in Chapter 4, Graham learns that Alexander was held for years in Llewdor, one would think that he would be shocked to hear his son was hidden away in his former homeland (even if he has tried to forget about his old homeland as much as possible over the years). Granted he is altogether shocked about his son's return in general (while he makes no references to Llewdor himself, Llewdor is already a place he knows of by other means (in his past), so the country itself wouldn't be much of a surprise, just that Manannan was hiding there, he's already shocked about most of what has been revealed about his son and the evil wizard).

Chapter 3 only offered a few new clues about his homelands and hometown that it lies to the far north, is apparently the home of were- creatures, weevils, chimeras, and jinxes. There are also oak trees there. It also indicates that the Knight School lies in the north. Some of these details could fit Llewdor, Eldritch, or even Serenia which all border the Infinite Desert and Serenia woods (we're the were- races live). which suggest he lives near all these locations. We also learn that 'acorns' and oak trees are important part of his home town.[19] Acorns were associated with Llewdor in the original King's Quest series.

The only thing throwing a small wrench into the Llewdor backstory is that in Chapter 5, its is learned that assumptions of their being a Llewdor Troll Guild was completely wrong, but this doesn't indicate anything about the truth or the subject of Graham's homeland. Just their assumptions about there being a guild there (and any details related to that guild such as their 'use of bells').

Graham CrackerEdit

Graham mentions he has a last name but is always interrupted before he can mention it.

"Cr-" is a nod to a running joke in the Sierra series and published material that Graham's full name is Graham Cracker. This may not be meant to be taken seriously, and some fans speculate it could be a name that starts with "Cr-" but could mean something else, or a name that sounds SIMILAR enough to "Cracker" that of course people joke about it, or Graham was simply lieing and about to tell a joke, if Acorn can call himself Sir Cumference, why not have Graham make a pun name joke out of his first name? In chapter 3 Graham uses his own name in another pun, as well as his attempts to give other puns for names. However, many fans just go with Graham Cracker out of amusement, or entertainment, or take enjoyment from it. Leading to Tumblr/Twitter hashtag #Graham Cracker"' as well as fan art marked with Graham Cracker, and even in fan fiction, and reviews.[20][21][22][23]

Tony Hawk's easter eggEdit

Graham appears as an unlockable skateboarder in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5. The game may also include a 'Cedric' reference as their appears to be an owl wearing a crown on one of the skateboards.

Cut materialEdit

Graham would have gotten another nickname from Whisper in CH2: 'Sparkly Head'


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