In Hoyle 3, Graham has his own messages. However they are largely generic, and he doesn't get into character as much as some of the other characters do.

If anything he is one of the more serious characters and most of his speech is proper (but largely in modern style). He refers to his opponents moves or success as 'worthy', 'extraordinary', 'excellently' or 'masterful', 'champion', 'extremely well',

Although he will make a scorn for bad plays (or those who try to make the wrong moves, or play his pieces), he is not one to become overly angry. He is generally respectful and humble, more likely to show kindness and praise and never insults. Even if he loses, he remains respectful and simply asks to play another game. If the player loses he consoles the player and tells them they might be better in the next game (he does not gloat).

One of his most common phrases is 'fortunate' and 'unfortunate' depending on how well he or the player is doing.

The few times he even nods to his position, is when he tosses a reference to the player being a 'royal opponent' in Checkers, and an opponent 'fit for a king' during a pachisi match if they win.

Graham like most of the characters has a range of emotions from happy, humored, to even angry. Emotions he rarely displays in KQ5, and the animations are unique to Hoyle 3.

Graham is an Expert at Checkers, and Average player at Backgammon. He is also an Expert at yacht, but only an Average dominoes and pachisis player.

Graham even has a few extra lines in the Hoyle 3 demo, and even interacts with Mordack, and a few other characters, discussing facts and history of the games (Backgammon and Pachisi)


4100.tex (dominoes)Edit

0 I must pass.
1 I pass.
2 I will pass this turn.
3 It appears you must pass your turn.
4 This time you'll have to pass.
5 You have no choice but to pass.
6 Those are not your dominoes.
7 It would be best to play your own dominoes.
8 Those pieces are mine.
9 You must first finish choosing your hand.
10 You cannot play until you have chosen a hand.
11 You have not chosen your hand yet.
12 In order to play, you must choose a domino.
13 Before playing, you should choose a domino.
14 It's necessary to choose a domino first.
15 Well! I have won the hand!
16 I won the hand!
17 This hand is mine!
18 This hand goes to you.
19 You won this hand.
20 This hand is yours.
21 It appears we have tied this hand.
22 This hand is a tie.
23 This time it's a tie.
24 I believe the play you're attempting is invalid.
25 I don't believe that play is in the rules.
26 You must not try that play at this time, you know.
27 You played like a true champion!
28 You're quite good at this game. Perhaps you'll play with me again.
29 You've won this one, but I'd like another chance. Shall we play again?
30 It's good to be able to win against such a worthy opponent.
31 I admit I enjoy winning a game as well as anyone. Let's play again!
32 You played well, but I won the game. Would you like a rematch?
33 We don't have a score yet.
34 There is no score. We haven't started the game.
35 We'll have a score after we start playing.

4200.tex (checkers)Edit

0 If you wish, we will call the game a draw.
1 I agree. We will call the game a draw.
2 With your agreement, I declare the game a draw.
3 I'm afraid I cannot agree to a draw at this time.
4 I cannot agree to a draw.
5 I'm sorry, but I cannot agree to call this game a draw.
6 That piece is not a king yet.
7 You can't move that piece backwards.
8 You've mistaken that piece for a king.
9 I'm afraid you can't move to that square.
10 We're not using those squares in the game.
11 That square can't be played on.
12 The move you're trying is invalid.
13 You won't be able to move there.
14 That's not a legal move.
15 I think that's one of mine.
16 I believe you're trying to play one of my pieces.
17 The other pieces are yours.
18 You may go first.
19 The first move is yours.
20 You will play first.
21 You must make a jump if one is possible.
22 The rules state that if you CAN make a jump, you MUST make it.
23 There is a jump possible for you, so you must make it.
24 Now you're a king!
25 You're a king!
26 You're a king! Good for you!
27 Now I'm a king!
28 I'm a king!
29 Hurrah! I'm a king!
30 What an extraordinary move!
31 I was not expecting such a masterful move!
32 I can see I must be more careful when playing you.
33 You played an excellent game and won fairly. Perhaps we can play again.
34 Even though I didn't win, I enjoyed the game tremendously.
35 You are indeed a royal opponent. Will you permit me another chance to win?
36 You played well, but I won this time. Perhaps next time it will be you.
37 I won this game, but you'll surely win the next!
38 I do love to win, but I'm willing to give you another chance.

4300.tex (backgammon)Edit

0 It seems I have rolled high.
1 As I rolled high, I will play first.
2 I will take the first play.
3 Since your roll was higher, you should take the first play.
4 You must go first, as you had the high roll.
5 As yours was the higher roll, you will go first.
6 It's not time to roll the dice yet.
7 You should wait until it's time to roll the dice.
8 You really can't roll the dice just yet.
9 I don't believe you can make that play at this time.
10 The rules do not allow for the play you seem to be trying.
11 The play you are attempting is invalid.
12 This seems to be a good time to double.
13 I believe I'll call for a double now.
14 I'm doing so well, I'd like to call for a double!
15 I have no choice but to accept your double.
16 I suppose I'll have to accept your double.
17 I accept your double.
18 I'm very sorry, but I cannot double at this time. I will resign.
19 I'm in no position to accept your double. I concede the game to you.
20 I can't accept that double. It looks like you've won this game.
21 I'm afraid you can't double now -- the next double is mine.
22 I believe you doubled last time, so you can't double now.
23 I must be the next one to double.
24 We can only double at the start of a turn.
25 It's not time to double now.
26 You'll have to wait until the start of your next turn to double.
27 We can't double this game again, you know.
28 We appear to have doubled as much as we can.
29 This game really can't be doubled again.
30 If you can only use one die, use the larger one.
31 The rules say you have to use the larger die.
32 You should use the highest die, if you can only use one.
33 That man is off the board.
34 That man is out of play now.
35 You've already borne that man off.
36 I'm afraid you have a man on the bar still.
37 You won't be able to move until you've got that man off the bar.
38 You really can't move while you have a man on the bar.
39 I think you ought to roll the dice first.
40 It would be best to roll the dice first.
41 You really should roll the dice first.
42 Excuse me, but that's my man.
43 You can't play that one, you know - it's mine.
44 Perhaps you should try moving one of your own men.
45 I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass.
46 It appears I'll have to pass this turn.
47 I have no choice but to pass.
48 It looks like you're going to have to pass.
49 I'm sorry, but you'll have to pass.
50 You're going to have to pass this time.
51 I was careless to leave that man open.
52 I can see I'm going to need all my luck against you.
53 Ah, you've got me this time -- I shall have to be more careful in the future.
54 I had to take that man, you see -- he was in the open.
55 I hope this won't set you back too far, but I had to do that.
56 You should be more careful about leaving a man open like that.
57 I'm afraid you can't begin bearing off just yet.
58 You really shouldn't begin bearing off until all your men are in your home court.
59 You seem to be getting ahead of yourself -- you can't begin to bear off yet.
60 By all means, roll again!
61 Don't forget you can roll again.
62 You have another roll coming.

4400.tex (pachisi)Edit

0 I think you're blocked off.
1 You won't be able to move past that blockade.
2 I believe that move is blocked.
3 The rules don't allow you to advance a blockade.
4 You'll have to move those pawns to two different spaces.
5 You won't be able to move both of those to the same space.
6 I don't believe that's the right square for the roll you made.
7 Perhaps you should count your roll again.
8 I think you should count again and start that move over.
9 You could enter a pawn on that roll.
10 Since you rolled a one, you could enter a pawn.
11 You have the choice of entering a pawn on that roll.
12 I've made a blockade there.
13 My blockade should keep you in place for a while.
14 I've erected a blockade.
15 Oh, my - you've constructed a blockade!
16 That's going to slow me down just a bit.
17 Hmmm. A blockade.
18 As your roll is highest, you may begin the game.
19 You rolled highest. You may go first.
20 I believe your roll was highest. You should go first.
21 My roll is highest, so I will begin.
22 I'll go first.
23 Since I had the high roll, I will begin.
24 That roll isn't sufficient to enter a pawn.
25 If you want to enter a pawn, you must first roll a one.
26 You won't be able to enter a pawn until you have rolled a one.
27 You're not finished moving yet.
28 You must move the complete count of the dice.
29 I believe you haven't yet finished moving.
30 You mustn't make that move -- it's invalid.
31 I don't believe that is a valid move.
32 The rules don't allow for that move.
33 Oh, my! You've rolled three doublets in a row -- bad luck!
34 I'm afraid you're going to have to lose a turn for three doublets.
35 You'll have to lose a turn now.
36 What awful luck -- three doublets!
37 I really didn't want to roll that third doublet.
38 Now I must lose a turn.
39 You've captured my pawn!
40 Ah, you've captured my pawn! A good move on your part.
41 Excellent move, capturing my pawn.
42 As you can see, I've captured your pawn.
43 I've captured your pawn!
44 A lucky move on my part.
45 You have another roll.
46 Go ahead, roll again.
47 Don't forget to roll again.
48 You played excellently and you won!
49 An opponent fit for a king! Let's play again!
50 You've bested me fairly. Will you allow me another chance to win?
51 I won this game, but perhaps your luck will be better next time.
52 I was fortunate to win this time. Shall we play again?
53 You played well. Would you like another chance to win?
54 It won't be possible for you to move now.
55 It seems you'll have to pass.
56 You'll have to pass.
57 It looks like I'll have to pass.
58 Since I cannot move, I pass.
59 I pass.
60 I'll attempt to beat that roll.
61 I think I can do better than that.
62 Let's see if I can do better.
63 That roll isn't sufficient to enter a pawn.
64 If you want to enter a pawn, you must first roll a three.
65 You won't be able to enter a pawn until you have rolled a three.

4500.tex (yacht)Edit

0 It's necessary to roll the dice before you play.
1 I think you should roll the dice first.
2 Perhaps if you rolled the dice first?
3 You should lock in your category before you roll again.
4 It's time to lock in your score category now.
5 You'll need to lock in your category for scoring.
6 You've already made a choice. I'm afraid you can't change it now.
7 This category is locked in already.
8 Once you've locked in a choice, you can't change your mind.
9 You've scored on there already.
10 I believe you scored one there.
11 I don't think that category's open.
12 I don't think that's your scoresheet.
13 You should only score on your own scoresheet.
14 That's someone else's scoresheet.
15 This turn's over now.
16 You should wait for your next turn.
17 You should wait for your next turn.
18 You'll have to score this hand now.
19 You have to score before you can roll again.
20 It's time to score the hand.
21 Since you kept all the dice, you've nothing left to roll.
22 If you want to roll again, you should take back some of the dice.
23 You kept all the dice. Are you ready to score now?
24 A zero. Most unfortunate.
25 That won't do my score any good, I'm afraid.
26 I missed that category completely.
27 Well, you tried.
28 How unfortunate for you.
29 A zero. That's too bad.
30 This game is a tie.
31 We seem to have tied the score on this game.
32 This game seems to be a tie.
33 What an extraordinary roll!
34 How lucky for you!
35 I'm glad you're not always this lucky!
36 Ones!
37 I will take Ones.
38 I will call Ones.
39 Twos!
40 I will take Twos.
41 I think I'll call Twos.
42 Threes!
43 I will take Threes.
44 Ah. I call Threes.
45 Fours!
46 I will take Fours.
47 I'll call Fours.
48 Fives!
49 I will take Fives.
50 I believe I'll call Fives.
51 Sixes!
52 I will take Sixes.
53 I will call Sixes.
54 Four of a Kind!
55 I will take Four of a Kind.
56 I will call Four of a Kind.
57 Full House!
58 I will take a Full House.
59 I'm going to call a Full House.
60 Small Straight!
61 I will take a Small Straight.
62 I'm taking a Small Straight.
63 Large Straight!
64 I will take a Large Straight.
65 I'll call a Large Straight.
66 I'll call a Yacht.
67 Looks like a Yacht.
68 I'll take the Yacht!
69 Choice!
70 This time I'm calling Choice.
71 It looks like I shall have to take a Choice.
72 How lucky for you! Yacht!
73 You got a Yacht!
74 Congratulations! A Yacht!
75 A Yacht! How fortunate!
76 I was lucky to get such a good hand.
77 I have a Yacht!
78 You play this game extremely well. Will you give me another chance?
79 You won this time, but I'm feeling lucky. Shall we play again?
80 Played like a champion! Let's play again!
81 I've won the game, but perhaps you will be the next winner.
82 I won this time. Shall we play one more?
83 I was lucky enough to win that time, but you played well.


  • Challenge me to the ancient game of backgammon if it's sportsmanship and fair play you desire!
  • The ancient Indian game of Pachisi is played by two to four players.
  • Hoyle Three checkers includes the option of animated frogs as playing pieces. Watch!
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