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Goons are a strange race of flying monkey soldiers.


So far they are known only to the land of Tamir, they appeared to be winged humanoid monkey-like creatures and were the goons of the evil fairy Lolotte and guardians of her Castle. They are little creatures who fly upon wings that resemble those of bats. They are not capable of speech, instead they can only utter guttural sounds. The monkey soldiers were Lolotte's soldiers and bodyguards. They are horrible-looking, half-men, half-bat-like creatures that help to carry out Lolotte's evil plans.[1] The winged monkeys served the wicked witch only because of a spell of blind obedience she had cast over them. They were freed of the enchantment after Rosella shot Lolotte with Cupid's arrow. When Rosella encountered them again while retrieving the Hen and Pandora's Box, the three bowed to her in respect but otherwise left Rosella alone.

Although they had their freedom to leave after Rosella's victory, many stayed on to serve Edgar, during his time living alone at the castle, whom they thought wasn't such a bad soul at all. Following Edgar's return to Etheria, it is unknown what became of Lolotte's Goons.

Lolotte's henchman are not able to speak, as they only utter strange guttural sounds.[2]Although apparently some after the spell was broken were able to tell her that they had no love for Lolotte.[3]

There is a great resemblance between Lolotte's former goons and the monkey soldiers Dorothy encountered in Oz. Those creatures, however, were only bound to serve the witch there three times, a much different than their counterparts in Daventry.[4] Goons are not an appealing race, they have an unnatural pallor to their skins, are creepy little creatures who fly upon wings that resemble those of bats.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

In King's Quest Companion these are known as 'flying monkeys', 'flying soldiers' and 'Monkey soldiers'. In KQ4 Hintbook, they are are referred to as "Lolotte's Goons". IN KQ4, they are called either goons or henchmen.


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