Goblins are small foul creatures.


They are found mainly in Daventry. The mangy race is typically dumb, slow, and weak. They attack with clubs (often made out of bones). They present themselves as nice targets to novice adventurers.

Goblins returned to Daventry during the cataclysm, and attacked Connor forcing him to defend himself. Connor met his first goblin roving near Sarah's House and he used is bare fists to defeat it. He killed another one near his house after he picked up his Dagger. He disposed of more near the lake shore, and river. He had no idea whence came the foul creatures, believing a madness covered the land. The swamp witch had been preparing Goblin tartar in her Witch's Tower.

Biology and anatomy Edit

Very little is known about the biology or culture of the species. They are covered in mangy fur, and they have a 'black heart' (which appears to be a delicacy in some circles).

Some like to carry bones and because of this these warriors are known as bone goblins.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Goblins are also given as the right answer for one of the questions in King's Questions. At the time goblins had not yet been introduced to the series at the time of the release of the trivia game. When choosing the answer, the game says says correct, but also pointed out that Goblins would likely appear in a future game (which was foreshadowed KQ8).

Which one of the following mythical people is not to be found in any King's Quest?
a. Dwarfs
b. Goblins
c. Gnomes
d. Trolls

Goblins are also mentioned in a bogus question in the KQ4 Hintbook by Roberta Williams with a comment that she should add goblins in a future game. Maybe even the next one.,[1] Goblins never appeared in KQ5 and it took her another three games to finally add them.

In the KQ8 Hintbook, Goblin as a race name is almost always capitalized. In the game and manual its lower case, goblin tartar.

The goblin with the bone clubs are described as 'bone goblin' in the monster notes file.

The appearance of Goblins may somewhat resemble the creatures described as Laburnum in the novels.

Goblins in the Unofficial GamesEdit

Goblins also make an appearance in King's Quest ZZT 2, see Goblin (unofficial).


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