Gnome Isle (aka Island of the Gnome & Gnome's Island) was an island surrounded by the Raging River and River Fools.


It was once the home of Rumplestiltskin. The island was guarded by an evil Bridge Troll.

At some point during the time of peace following Graham's coronation, the Dangerous River side of the island filled in with sediments (or was dammed up), and the returning people of Daventry rebuilt the town of Daventry on or near the former island. Rumplestiltskin moved off the island building his new Gnome's House on the dry river bed outside the town. When the three-headed dragon came to Daventry, and the nation was struck by a series of earthquakes, and other disasters most of the people fled or were killed. Rumplestiltskin remained behind in his decaying shack outside the crumbling town.[1]

Although the Dangerous River (the southwest flow of the Raging River) had filled in with sediments. It appears that tributary that flowed around the northeastern side of the island continued to flow after the Dragon's defeat. Rumplestiltskin remained in his shack, but apparently moved to Serenia the following year.

Behind the scenesEdit

This island depending on the source is referred to as Gnome Isle (map in the King's Quest Companion 3rd edition), Island of the Gnome (several references in the Official Book of King's Quest), and Gnome's Island (KQ3 hintbook, and other assorted references).


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