Giants are a race of very large humans or humanoids.


Giants are very large and very strong humans, although there are reports of giants that are merely humanoid, resembling humans. Jack the Giant Killer, for instance fought giants with two and three heads, for instance—hardly what would think normal for humans. In London, effigies have been constructed to the giants Gog and Magog. The Bible speaks of giants walking the earth in the distant past. In fact, the most famous giant in western culture is Goliath, who fought for the Phillistines against King Saul of Israel. No warrior dared fight the giant in single combat except for the boy David. David killed Goliath by striking him on the head with a stone shot from his sling. David kept Goliath's sword and used it later when he fought Saul. Giants are massive beings, the smallest of whom are over ten feet tall, and the largest big enough to have their heads touch the clouds.[1]

An angry Giant lived in the Great Mountains on Harlin's continent in the North of Serenia. He liked harp music.

Another Giant lived in the land of the clouds. Dahlia gave the Chest of Gold to the giant for safekeeping. When Graham encountered the giant, he had been holding the chest for longer than he could remember[2]. He is later seen at Graham and Valanice's wedding in Monastery of the Blessed Wilbury in Kolyma. He was ten or twelve feet tall.

Dunstan was from a race of giants that live in the Hibestian Range. The giants of the Hibestian Range have the ability create sparks from their beards. The giants are known to be twenty foot tall behemoths.

The Ogre and the Ogress are from a race of ogre giants.



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