Ghosts are the restless spirits of the dead.


It is said that they can only be exorcised or expunged by returning to them that which they desire in their afterlife. Usually this is some favorite possession that was connected somehow with their death. Some spirits become ghosts, however, because of being dominated by a stronger spirit soon after their passing to the other side, and yet others have it thrust upon them as penance for misdeeds committed. In most cases ghosts cannot harm mortals directly, but they can frighten them into doing things that are both stupid and fatal.

A couple of spooky ghosts floated around the entrance to Castle Dracula. The ghostly apparitions guarded the evil being who lurked within the castle walls.[1] The possess anyone who attempts to enter the castle uninvited and force them to walk into the poisonous brambles of the island killing them.[2] Graham was able to trick them into thinking he was Dracula allowing him into the castle.[3] The ghosts utter mournful wails.[4]

Ghosts haunt Whateley Manor from Innsmouth in Tamir. The restless ghosts that Rosella had to pacify all needed something from their past life; the baby wanted its rattle, the weeping widow her locket, the miser his bag of gold, the lord his medal of honor, and the boy his toy horse. When they received these, they were able to rest quietly forever—or its hoped.

Ghosts also haunted the surface of the Land of the Dead.

A ghost of a long dead knight, James of Daventry helped Connor in Daventry.

Silver crosses will protect a person from dangerous ghosts.

Notable GhostsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

If you try to "kill the ghosts" on Dracula's island the game says, "Don't you know that spooks are already dead?". If you try to pick up the ghosts, it tells you "Are you kidding!? How do you capture a ghost?".

Wearing the silver cross will also protect you from the ghosts.

There are two different characters in two different King's Quest games with the title Little Boy Ghost this includes the ghost of Willy and the ghost of Ali.


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