Gepeppo is the toymaker and propieter of the toyshop in the Town of Serenia.


The aged craftsman by the name of Gepeppo and his son Gepeppito, are reputed to make the finest anatomically correct dolls in all of Daventry. While the dolls are their specialty, they also make fine doll furniture, wooden swords, snow sleds, and yo-yos. Graham was able to trade the gnome's hand-made marionette for one of Gepeppo's small sleds at his shop. At the time, the proprietor told Graham that he thought he, not the king, was getting the better part of the deal by far. However, the sled proved vital to Graham on his journey to reach his family.

As fate would have it, Graham would not have been able to cross the mountains without the sled. In effect, Graham exchanged a fine puppet for a child's sled and his family. Graham more than likely felt that he got the best part of the deal.

Gepeppo's granddaughter Katrina likes to play with the toys.

Personality and traitsEdit


  • The Toymaker
  • Papa
  • Grandfather[1]
  • Grandpapa

Behind the scenesEdit

This character is known simply as the Toymaker in KQ5 hintbook, and in game. He was given the name Gepeppo in the King's Quest Companion, 2nd Edition. He is referred to as "Papa" by his son and "Grandpapa" by his granddaughter in the game.

He is inspired by the character Mister Geppetto from the novel 'The Adventures of Pinocchio'.

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