Gepeppito was the father of Katrina, and son of Gepeppo.


He made some of the toys in the Toy Shoppe, as well as helped count the money earned, and kept track of the supplies for the toys.  He and his father are reputed to make the finest anatomically correct dolls in all of Daventry. While the dolls are their speciality, they also make fine doll furniture, wooden swords, snow sleds, and yo-yos.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Gepeppito comes from th King's Quest Companion, 2nd Edition. He is referred to as the Toymaker's Son in the credits.

The toymaker's son is given his own closeup image in KQ5 for the NES! He doesn't have a close up in the PC versions (see Gepeppito's wardrobe).[1]

Like his father, his name is based on the character Mister Geppetto from The Adventures of Pinocchio.


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