The Genie of the Lamp was a genie came from a brass Oil Lamp that Graham received from the Antique Dealer for returning her beloved Nightingale. Graham rubbed the lamp 3 times, each time the genie appeared and gave him a gift. After the 3rd rub the lamp disappeared. The first gift was a fringed Persian flying carpet, the second gift was a Magic sword with a snake carved on the handle, and the 3rd gift was a leather Leather Bridle adorned with silver.

Behind the scenesEdit

This genie is quite unlike the Genies described in the KQ6 manual, that are said to serve their masters for life. This one seems to conform more to the idea of the genies who offer three wishes. However this genie decided what Graham would receive for him, and when the three 'wishes' were made, he disappeared along with the lamp.

This genie is inspired by the Arabian Nights.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Genie (unofficial)Edit

See, Genies (unofficial).


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