Frankie of Avalon the Wandering Minstrel was a lute playing minstrel from Avalon traveling through Tamir. His ability was terrible, and he played "Greensleeves", and several other songs out of tune. Rosella gave him the "Compleat Works of Shakespeare", and he had a newfound interest and went off to start an acting career (although his reciting was as poor as his lute playing). In return he gave Rosella his lute.


In her adventures in Tamir, Rosella met a wandering minstrel by the name of Frankie of Avalon. He played the lute and sang, both with little skill. Rosella gave a book of Shakespeare's plays to the man and in return was given his lute. The minstrel turned into a Thespian, and was much happier.[1]

When last seen, Frankie was emoting loudly to the world and declaring that he had found his true profession--that of actor. It's unclear how long he kept that vow, but went on to act in a musically comedic adaptation of the Bard's masterpiece, Hamlet. It was the world premier by the one and only Frankie of Avalon.[2]


  • Wandering Minstrel
  • Thespian
  • Actor

Songs Edit

  • The Entertainer
  • Genesta's Theme
  • Greensleeves
  • Old Folks At Home/Suwanee River

Behind the Scenes Edit

The name Frankie of Avalon originates from the King's Quest Companion, and is also mentioned in the King's Questions. In KQ4 Hintbook he is known as the 'Wandering Minstrel'.[3] In the game he can also be referred to as 'minstrel' and 'bard' in the parser.

His name is a reference to the singer of the popular 1950s song "Venus," Frankie Avalon.


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